Keep Your Workplace Fresh and Clean With Janitorial and Sanitation Products

When someone asks you what the best part of your workday was, we’re willing to bet that the absolute last thing you think of is the janitorial and sanitation (JanSan) supplies. And while they may not be the most exciting products in the building, they’re definitely the unsung heroes of our workplace productivity. Afterall, how much would we be able to get done if we were languishing in filth or constantly getting sick?

From disinfectant wipes to restroom cleaners, a variety of products are available to make our offices a more pleasant and hygienic workplace. So, let’s take a look at some of the more interesting and useful JanSan products for office use.

Keep It Clean

You may not judge a book by its cover, but you should judge a building by its restrooms. Seriously, there is nothing worse than walking into a disgusting public bathroom. If your office happens to be guilty of having slightly suspect facilities, have no fear – there are high-performance cleaners specifically designed for office restrooms. These cleaners are designed to tackle the tough stains and grime that come with high-traffic public spaces.

Wipe It Down

Next up are disinfectant wipes, a staple in any office. While you could just toss a container on everyone’s desk to make sure they’re constantly wiping down their surfaces during cold, flu, and allergy seasons (we’re looking at you, Sneezy Sally!) you can also have bulk dispensers installed strategically throughout the office so that they’re easily accessible to everyone and no one becomes a supply hog.

If you’re worried about damaging office equipment with harsh chemicals, disinfectant wipes are made specifically for electronic devices… so no excuses!

Need More Than Elbow Grease?

Some businesses are dealing with more than basic hygiene and some minor coffee spills here and there – they need some heavy-duty cleaning supplies. For folks looking to clean up things like grease, oil, or very tough stains, there are a number of cleaners that can handle the job – but remember to use them with proper ventilation and protective gear. We don’t want anyone calling out sick because they got a bit “loopy” off the cleaning chemicals.

Bringing It Back to Basics

And finally, we’re bringing it back to the most basic of all hygienic supplies – hand soap. (Seriously, just wash your hands… it’ll save everyone so many sick days!) Hand soap dispensers are a more hygienic – and affordable – option than purchasing a single refillable dispenser for each washing station, since they dispense a specific amount and no one has to use their dirty hands to touch the dispenser.

At GOS we offer free site assessments to determine how many dispensers you need – and we install and maintain them for just $0.01 – yep, 1 penny – per dispenser.

Ready to chat about your janitorial and sanitation (JanSan) cleaning supply needs? Let’s do it!

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