Sip, Savor, and Save this Summer with FLAVIA® Freshpacks

Brew Better with a Free FLAVIA® Machine

We get it—sometimes your morning coffee or afternoon tea is the only thing keeping you going through the workday. There’s nothing worse than anticipating a much-needed pick-me-up only to be disappointed by terrible office coffee. Even high-end drink machines can be frustrating, with complicated setups and lingering flavors from the previous user’s pod.

Enter FLAVIA®– a smart brewer that crafts hot and cold beverages with automatic brewing and zero taste or allergen transfer between uses. Just pop in your FLAVIA® Freshpack of choice, and let the machine take care of the rest!

The only thing better than FLAVIA® is free FLAVIA®. When you buy Freshpacks from GOS, we’ll hook you up with a free FLAVIA® machine so you can enjoy the perfect brew, every time. 

FLAVIA® machine

What Makes FLAVIA® So Special?

We’re glad you asked! Unlike other coffee makers, FLAVIA® is specifically designed with the workplace and its workers in mind. Here are some of the top perks that make FLAVIA® stand out from the crowd:

Hygienic & Allergy-Friendly: It’s no secret that the office can be a breeding ground for germs, and the office coffee pot is no exception. Single-serve and pod coffee makers can be exceptionally icky, as residue is left behind between uses, posing serious risks for those with allergies. FLAVIA® Freshpacks– FLAVIA®’s version of pods– are sealed to ensure there’s absolutely no transfer between the Freshpack and the machine. So allergy-sufferers and germaphobes rejoice! You too can enjoy the sweet benefits of office caffeination. 

Flavors for Every Palate: Whether you’re loyal to a specific coffee brand or an adventurous sipper always looking for the next best thing, FLAVIA® has got you covered. FLAVIA® offers coffees, teas, flavor-infused waters, and other specialty beverages from top brands like Starbucks®, Alterra®, and The Bright Tea Co.®.

Better Inventory Management: FLAVIA® Freshpacks are uniquely designed to work exclusively with FLAVIA® machines, ensuring a consistent brew every time and giving office managers and inventory counters a much-needed break from investigating the Case of the Missing Coffee Pods. 

Made to Last: Most coffee pots are designed to brew joe for the average Joe, not for an entire office. Standard coffee makers wear down quickly when brewing cup after cup from 9 to 5. FLAVIA® machines, however, are built for the hustle and bustle of a busy breakroom. You won’t have to worry about them giving out after a long day or right before your big presentation. 

FLAVIA® Freshpacks for Every Occasion

Say Goodbye to Coffee Run Chaos

Break time should never be stressful. An office coffee run can lead to calamity, as complex drink orders are spewed and coworkers argue over which coffee chain is best. Avoid the hassle with delicious coffee from FLAVIA®, individually brewed to suit your caffeine cravers, decaf devotees, and sweet-tooth savorers

Tea Time Just Got a Whole Lot Better

When you’re battling the afternoon slump and need a pick-me-up, FLAVIA® has you covered. Whether you crave the inviting warmth of Chai, the soothing calm of Earl Grey, the refreshing zing of Lemon, or the crisp coolness of Peppermint, there’s a FLAVIA® choice that helps you reenergize and refocus on the task at hand. 

Fun woman drinking out of tea cup

Make Break Time More Refreshing

Forget the age-old question of “Coffee or tea?”—let’s talk about water. That’s right, water: the often underestimated and misunderstood hero of office beverages. Thanks to FLAVIA®, water doesn’t have to be boring. Enjoy refreshing flavors like cucumber lime mint or strawberry basil as you lean back at your desk and imagine yourself reclining on a white, sandy beach somewhere. 

Curious about how FLAVIA® Freshpacks can enhance your office breaks? Let’s chat! We’re here to assist you in finding the best flavors for your office refreshments so your team can enjoy great sips every day!

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