June is National Safety Month: Stock Up On Workplace Safety Essentials

Keep Your Team Safe

We might be light-hearted and jovial around here, but we know workplace safety is no joke. Ensuring the safety of your team and customers is a top priority, and so, in honor of June being National Safety Month, we’re highlighting some of the most common workplace injuries and mishaps and how to avoid them. 

Slips and Falls

A trip, slip, or fall might not seem like a big deal, but they’re actually one of the biggest causes of injury in the workplace. In fact, in 2023 32% of all non-fatal work-related injuries – nearly 180,000 injuries – were attributed to slips and falls. 

To help your team, customers, visitors, and pretty much anyone who enters your facility avoid a slip or fall injury, be sure hazardous areas are clearly marked. This might mean putting out wet floor signs after mopping, blocking off a hallway with loose tiles with some hazard tape, or taping down those pesky corners of carpet that keep flipping up.

Multilingual Wet Floor Safety Cone
Hazard Marking Vinyl Tape
White Carpet Tape in packaging

Ear and Eye Protection

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)—aka the head honcho of workplace safety here in the United States—and the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, nearly 20,000 workplace eye injuries occur each year, accounting for $300 million in medical bills and lost productivity and revenue. 

And 90% of these injuries are preventable with proper equipment and eye protection! 

At GOS we have eye protection for every situation … and style. From stylish black frames with UV protection to crystal clear, over-glasses, chemical goggles, your team’s peepers can be well-protected and fashionable. A win-win!

Hearing loss is another workplace injury that’s all too common and typically preventable… which is especially important because it’s also permanent. While there are some instances where an accident may cause immediate injury to the ear, most instances of hearing loss are due to extended periods of time surrounded by loud noises and machinery. In fact, OSHA requires companies to provide workers in loud environments with ear protection – and from convenient, single-use ear plugs to heavy-duty ear muffs GOS has the perfect solution.

General First Aid

Sometimes – okay, most of the time – a “workplace injury” isn’t much of an injury. It’s a paper cut, a bump on the desk, a stubbed toe while kicking a stubborn printer (don’t do that). These injuries aren’t likely to be reported to OSHA (or probably to anyone at all… especially if you broke the printer), but they still need a little bit of TLC. 

That’s why we sell First Aid kits in all shapes and sizes. We’ve got tiny ones for individual employees to keep in their desks, larger ones to keep available for anyone who needs it, and even First Responder Kits and Emergency Prepardedness backpacks.

This June, in honor of National Safety Month, make sure your workplace and team have all of the supplies they need to keep them safe. Shop online at GOS1.com or give us a call and speak with our team of professionals who can help you find everything you’re looking for.

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