Top 10 Cleaning Supplies for Your Office

Hello fellow clean freaks! If you are out there researching which cleaning supplies are a necessity when it comes to keeping an office neat and tidy, well, you’re welcome! GOS has made a list of the 10 must have items that you need to keep at your office!


Yep, we put this item as number one. Without a good disinfectant things are going to get grimy and if they get grimy, expect them to also get smelly. Listen, if you have any type of food or beverage in your office, chances are you are going to spill something at some point. Having some disinfectant to kill those germs is a plus! Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to stock up come flu season!


Why does no one ever think of a broom until something has spilled everywhere and you have to rake it up with your hands. A broom and a dustpan will be used quite often!


What good is disinfectant without some towels to wipe it down. Dust towels are a great idea because they can be reused over and over again. However, paper towels are not as costly and can be used for a multitude of messy accidents.

Trash Bags

What good is anything without a place to put it? Trash bags are essential in every office. Get them – get lots and lots of them.

Trash Can

What good is a trash bag without a can to go in? Trash cans come in all shapes and sizes. Find one that you like and order multiple of them! You can never have enough.


Regardless of the time of year, your employees will thank you if you keep the supply closet stocked with tissues. Runny noses are extremely common especially during cold and flu season!


If you have anything but carpet, you should definitely be investing in a mop. The reality is that floors get dirty. So keep your floors nice and invest in a mop.

Vacuum Cleaner

Perhaps you enjoy the luxury of having carpet. Investing in a vacuum that can easily reach the hard to get to spots within your office will change your life for the better.

Air Freshener

Whether you are by yourself or frequently have clients/customers coming into the office, the smell of any office can get a bit stale over time. Keep the air fresh and light and invest in the scent of your office.

Hand Sanitizer and Soap

Personal hygiene plays a large role within any office. Keeping enough soap and hand sanitizer stocked up is always going to be a good idea. Read more about The Best Practice For Staying Healthy At Work.

For more ideas or to order anything that you need for your office, visit GOS, your one stop shop for all of your office cleaning supplies. For more information, call us today at (800) 277-0208.

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