Ink and Toner: Chaos to Calm with GOS and MPS

Ah, ink and toner, the unsung heroes of the modern office. 

They keep the wheels of productivity turning, yet vanish faster than a freshly brewed pot of coffee on a Monday morning.. And let’s not even talk about the price tag – printer ink is actually, ounce for ounce, one of the most expensive liquids in the world. We aren’t kidding – you can fact-check us here.

But fear not – we have a secret weapon in our arsenal – pricing so good, you’ll think we’re pulling a prank on your budget spreadsheet. With GOS, you can kiss overpriced ink cartridges goodbye. With our low pricing and price-match services, you can ensure that your ink and toner purchases won’t break the bank. And our helpful team of customer service reps is available to help you select the best option for your machines and budget.

And the best part? With GOS, you can place orders faster than you can say, “Make it snappy!” Need ink ASAP? No problem! With next-day delivery, you’ll never be caught in a printer-less apocalypse again.

The Miracle of Managed Print Services (MPS)

But wait, there’s more! For the three equal payments of just… we kid, we kid. 

Kind of. 

Let’s talk about Managed Print Services (MPS), the superhero of the office supply world. MPS isn’t just an acronym – it’s the key to making your office run super smoothly, all the time. 

Well … okay, in so far as printers and copiers are concerned. 

Imagine a world where your printer just… works! No more paper jams. No more mysterious error messages. Just smooth, silky printing experiences. With ink and toner, that seems never to run out. How is that possible? Because with MPS we’re monitoring your usage and shipping your ink, toner, and paper out to you before you need it. You’ll never have the feeling of “oh no, am I running low,” because you’ll always have supplies arriving at the perfect time.

So, what exactly is this MPS wizardry we speak of? MPS swoops in, takes charge of your printing infrastructure, and waves its magic wand to make your printer fleet hum in perfect harmony. 

Here’s some of what MPS can do for you, beyond just keeping the paper and ink flowing:

Reduce Total Costs: Money doesn’t grow on trees, and neither does toner. MPS helps you tighten those purse strings by identifying where your printing dollars are disappearing and stopping the madness. Are you way over ordering on paper – no more! Stocking up on ink and toner and then forgetting about it in a storage closet – not on our watch!

Improve Productivity: Ever tried to fix a printer while your inbox resembles a fireworks display of urgent emails? Not fun. MPS takes printer-related stress off your plate so you can focus on the stuff that really matters, like perfecting your office karaoke routine. When your printer has issues, it’s our problem, not yours.

Reduce Carbon Footprint: Saving the planet one printed page at a time? By slashing paper waste and energy consumption, MPS helps you sleep better at night, knowing you’re doing your part for Mother Earth.

Take The Pressure Off IT Staff: Let’s face it, your IT department has bigger fish to fry than dealing with printer jams. MPS helps free up your IT team to tackle the real villains of the digital realm.

So go ahead, indulge in that printing spree. Print those cat memes. Print that presentation. Heck, print your manifesto on the virtues of Managed Print Services. With GOS and MPS by your side, the printing world is your oyster. Get in touch today to learn more.

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