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The Best Practice For Staying Healthy At Work

There are all kinds of bacteria around us. You hear about all the different ailments you can develop just from coming into contact with a certain strain. You also hear a lot about how washing your hands will help to prevent you from getting these ailments. Whether or not you’re working in a public service industry, or behind a desk, you can’t help but worry. Yes, washing your hands is a great way to keep healthy, but it isn’t the only way. Let’s look at some of the other methods of keeping healthy at work!

Washing Your Hands

The practice of washing your hands doesn’t refer to water and soap. It requires lathering, to thoroughly clean the surface of your hands. Also, to get into the creases. You should wash your hands when you get to work, and again when you leave. You should wash your hands before and after you eat any sort of meal. Even if it’s just a power bar or a quick snack. You should also wash your hands after you use the restroom. That’s a pretty obvious one. Your office should have the standard anti-bacterial soap.

Hand Sanitizer

There are going to be times you can’t run to the restroom to wash your hands. This is where hand-sanitizer will come in handy. Purell makes a handy key-chain version of their classic product. You can attach this easily to even your cellphone, if you’re so inclined. This is perfect for use when you shake someones hand, or replace hand washing after a quick snack. This is also something you might want to do after coming in contact with objects that many people use; such as the office coffee pot.

Keep Tidy

It’s easy for bacteria to build up around objects that aren’t often used. Along with other substances, like dust. The best way to eliminate these build ups is by keeping your work space tidy. You may not be able to do this throughout the day. But, put aside a few minutes at the end of your shift and clean the surface you work at. Remove and/or dust off coffee stains. A good way to do this is by keeping disinfectant wipes at your work space. Both Lysol and Clorox make vertical dispensers that fit perfectly in any work space.

Take Care Of Yourself

There are many ways you can take care of yourself that will help you stay healthy. This includes getting a proper nights rest. It includes drinking lots of water. You should also eat well, including fruits and vegetables. You should get enough hours in the sun to get your dose of vitamins. You should also practice stress-management techniques that will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. All of this contributes to a healthier you. At work you may need to take 5 minutes to collect your thoughts. This could be once a day, or periodically as needed. It all depends what freedom you have. On your break, try taking a walk instead of sitting in the lunch or break room. This will keep your body more regulated. But, remember to wash your hands when you come back into the office!

Finally, the best advice for keeping healthy at work is to avoid others who are ill. If you notice someone has a bad cough, or has been sniffling a lot, then avoid them. You may have no choice but to have some sort of interaction. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly.

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