Trash Talk: How Office Supplies Can Save The Planet One Sticky Note At A Time

Alright, let’s cut the corporate jargon and get real. Everyone knows that protecting Mother Nature with eco-friendly and green initiatives is a big deal. And while many of us try our best at home to reduce, reuse, and recycle, have you considered the impact the materials you use in your 9-5 could be making?

Grab your reusable coffee mug and join us to discover how eco-friendly office supplies can save the planet, one sticky note at a time.

Rethinking The Paper Basics – From Printers To PostIts

Ah, copy paper, the unsung hero of office life. Although many of our business communications have moved into the digital space, we can’t picture a day when we don’t still rely on our beloved printers. However, before you hit print, consider whether you’re using eco-friendly paper. Paper that’s made from recycled materials is an easy switch to make but can have a very positive impact on the environment.

Made from post-consumer waste, recycled paper saves trees, water, and energy without sacrificing quality. Let’s give that brandy-new paper the boot and embrace the recycled revolution.

And speaking of paper, what about printer paper’s teensy tiny cousin, Sticky Notes?

Sticky notes are the tiny reminders that clutter our desks and conscience. But fear not, eco-warriors, there’s a greener alternative in town. Say hello to recyclable sticky notes, the hipster cousin of the office supplies world. Made from recycled paper, these little squares of goodness stick it to deforestation and waste while keeping your to-do list on point.

Green Writing With Black And Blue Ink

Ah, the humble ballpoint pen, a trusty sidekick in the battle against blank pages. But before you scribble away, consider this – traditional pens are typically made with non-recycled plastics. . Enter FlexGrip Ultra Recycled Ballpoint Pens, the eco-friendly heroes we never knew we needed. Made from recycled materials, these pens let you jot down your thoughts without leaving a large trail of plastic pollution in your wake.

Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions Keep Your Old Documents Out Of The Landfill

We all need a place to stash our paperwork, but hard plastic storage boxes, although rugged and long-lasting, aren’t necessarily the most eco-friendly option.. But fear not, clutter-conquerors, there’s a better way. Check out heavy-duty document storage boxes made from recyclable materials, the unsung heroes of the office storage world. Durable, practical, and planet-friendly, these boxes let you organize your life without trashing the planet..

Marking Sustainability With Sharpies And Expo Markers

Last but not least, let’s talk about markers. If you need to make a long-lasting impression – or one that can be easily wiped away – Sharpies and Expo markers are probably you go-to’s. If they are, and if you’re being intentionally eco-conscious, you’ll be happy to know that they’re made with sustainable materials. So, you can rest easy knowing that these markers let you unleash your creativity without leaving a trail of plastic waste in your wake.

Ready to stock up on eco-friendly office supplies? The team at GOS can help! If you head to our website you can filter our entire inventory by whether or not its “Green” – showcasing thousands of items to meet your daily office needs. And if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can give us a call or use our live chat support so our office supply experts can track down what you need.

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