Benefits of Having Plants in your Office

As more and more studies are done about working in an office setting, it’s no surprise that people are realizing the many benefits of having plants in the office. In fact, studies have shown that house plants alone help to improve concentration and productivity by up to 15%. At GOS, we are committed to serving our customers with the knowledge and supplies that will keep your business running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. For this reason, we feel that if we don’t tell you about the benefits of having plants in your office, we are doing you a disservice!

Carbon Dioxide

So what is carbon dioxide? Without divulging into scientific matters, we can simply say that carbon dioxide is an odorless, colorless gas that is added into our atmosphere by human activities. Anytime you burn wood, gas or oil, carbon dioxide is released. Plants, specifically those that you would find in an office setting, often have air-filtering qualities. Plants naturally turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. In fact, NASA reports that indoor plants help to remove chemicals from the air. They have been known to even remove particles that have been embedded into the walls and carpets of office buildings so that those at work can think and work more clearly.

Stress Reduction

Studied by a multitude of color therapists, it has been proven that most shades of green lead to feelings of relaxation and stress reduction. Having a space that includes plants has been shown to decrease tension and anger, reduce anxiety and even depression. This isn’t limited to just psychological effects either. By having plants in your office, you can also help to lower blood pressure.

Reducing Sickness

While we have already touched on how plants clean and filter the air, let’s not forget that this, in turn helps to reduce your staff’s sickness and absences. While we know that plants help to filter the air, giving you healthier air to breathe, they are also known for being a more welcoming place to come to work. Plants in an office setting can even reduce your absences!

Sound Reduction

What’s that? We couldn’t hear you over the beautiful leaves in the office! While many people do not know this benefit, it’s one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Having plants in the office can help to reduce ambient noise. At one point in time, everyone has been distracted by background noise. Having plants can eliminate this noise by up to 5 decibels, allowing you to focus in on your work and not be as distracted.

Want to learn more about the benefits of having plants in the office? At GOS, we work to provide you with everything that will help your office run more successfully. For more information, give us a call today at 800-277-0208.

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