What It Means If You Drink THIS Beverage At The Office

We all know that we’re supposed to drink eight glasses of water per day, but how many people do you know are actually doing that? Not many. In fact, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.

At GOS, we take your health seriously. Not only do we want you sitting at the best ergonomic desk using the greenest, eco-friendliest office supplies… but we want to make sure you’re hitting your nutritional requirements as well. Sure, we offer a ton of delicious snacks, but we also have better-for-you options like popcorn, nuts, and Lara Bars.

And we take our hydration options really, really seriously.

While we carry an almost absurd variety of Hershey’s candies (seriously, who knew there were so many options!?) we outdo ourselves in the drink department (if we do say so ourselves… and we do).

We’ve got everything from orange juice and V8 to soda and hot chocolate and, of course, a ridiculously large selection of coffee and teas.

Oh, and water. Tons of waters. We’ve got still water, we’ve got sparkling water, we’ve even got coconut water. We have water from bottles, water from cans, and water coolers. If you want water, we’ve got it!

So without further ado, we’re going to break down some of our beverage options, why we love them, and what it says about you if you drink them!

Regular Water

This one is the desktop staple. Everyone gets a little thirsty at one time or another, and having a bottle or cup of water on your desk is the perfect, quickest antidote to a desert mouth. Also, water coolers are stereotypically fantastic for catching up on the office gossip or Bachelor recap, so thank goodness for those! (And, you know, they’re better for the environment than a zillion little plastic bottles clogging up the landfills.)

Sparkling Water

Feeling ~fAnCy~? Need some bubbles but absolutely realize that popping a bottle of Veuve at your desk is unacceptable? Desperate to really feel something during a tough day at the office and think perhaps some static on your tongue will do the trick? Want to drink something low cal and refreshing but way more exciting and slightly more flavorful than water? Grab a sparkling water or some seltzer!

Fruit Juices and Sports Drinks

Oh hey there, you health nut! Just back from the gym, are you? We see you over there, upping your electrolyte intake and showing us how to be responsible with our sweets cravings by drinking them, not eating them. Not really a health nut and just into drinking juices? Good for you! Juices are a great way to tell your coworkers, “I’m thirsty, but I don’t need to pump my body full of caffeine to be productive.” Are we jealous? Maybe a little.


People who drink soda fall into one of two categories: those who don’t like coffee but cannot thrive without caffeine coursing through their veins, or people who do like coffee but think it’s only a “morning” drink. (Newsflash, it’s NOT just for the morning, coffee is delicious at all hours of the day and night!)


Some people relegate their coffee drinking to the morning only, but we all know that when the going gets tough, the tough go to the coffee machine. Big meeting coming up? Grab a coffee. Have to really settle in to do some “deep work?” Take a walk around the office to stretch your legs and then fill ‘er up. About to pull an all-nighter finishing that TPS report for your boss? Make it a black coffee. Drinking a coffee and none of those are applicable? You’re just doing your best to keep sharp and stay on track – go you!


Look at you, you little tea drinker, you! If you’re drinking tea at your desk, then you’re either not feeling very well (sorry about that!), or you really love giving off cozy vibes. You want to sip something warm but don’t need the full caffeine boost (or acid reflux) that a cup of coffee will give you. And honestly, we love that for you. Tea drinkers seem just a little more put together than the rest of us … don’t ask us why – we don’t make the rules; we just report them.

Are you ready to make sure your office is fully stocked with the perfect beverage for any situation? Click right here, right now.

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