3 New Year’s Resolutions To Kick Off 2023 Right

It’s that time of year again, folks. The time when we all sit down after a super hectic few months and decide how we’re going to improve ourselves in the coming year. No pressure or anything.

But let’s be honest. Looking inward and considering how we could improve ourselves is a bit… basic. And stressful. And can lead to being less motivated to change and more likely to tap into a pint of Häagen-Dazs finest while tears stream down your face. 

Just us? Okay, moving on.

As we get ready to close the door on 2022 and ring in 2023, we’ve decided to lay out not only some fantastic New Year’s Resolution ideas for you (that won’t lead to stress-induced crying) but also provide you with the solutions… because we’re thoughtful like that. 

Big Box stores will just sell you a dream, but at GOS, we’re going to be your partners in success.

Resolution #1: Be More Organized

You saw this coming. Our bread and butter are office supplies. We eat, sleep, and dream organization. And being ~MoRe OrGaNiZeD~ is literally everyone’s go-to New Year’s Resolution. So this year, why not resolve to get more organized at work? Whether you need to clean out your junk desk drawer or keep better track of your upcoming appointments, we have exactly what you need.

From desktop and drawer organizers, to whiteboards, corkboards, and planners, we’ve got pretty much everything you need to get your life in order.*

*We aren’t saying we can keep it in order – that’s on you. But we can definitely do our best to get you started on the right foot. You’ve got this! 💪

Resolution #2: Embrace Our Coffee-Flavored Imperfections

Hear us out. Tons of people vow to cut down on caffeine every January 1. And those people are wonderful. We absolutely respect anyone who can wake up in the morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and just dive right into it. But that life isn’t for everyone. Some of us need our coffee – and the two weeks every year that we spend trying to muscle through the day without it are no fun for anyone. (We apologize to anyone we hurt or offended last year in our attempt. We’ve learned the error of our ways.)

This year, let’s all agree to just embrace our caffeine addictions. Not only do we have the standard (and delicious) Breakfast Blend K-Cups from the brand of your choice, but we have single-serve Cold Brews, espresso, and flavored coffees like Caramel Drizzle, Vanilla Biscotti, and Southern Pecan.

And for those of you that are intent on sticking to your “less caffeine” resolutions (or who are following doctors’ orders), we’ve also got decaf.

Resolution #3: Become the Taylor Swift of Whatever You Do

Okay, here’s a good one. (Not to say the other two weren’t good. They were. Obviously.) 

Every December 31, millions of people around the world (probably) say that they want to be the best at whatever it is they do. They want to crush their sales goals. They want to create the best blog posts out there (we’re already doing that, so everyone else is aiming for 2nd place here, but we digress). They want to become the best-known doggy daycare in the world. 

And how do you do that? With merch!

Maybe some people would say it’s through hard work, dedication, and perseverance – and they wouldn’t be wrong – but decking your clients and team out in branded merch certainly can’t hurt.

We can put your logo on almost anything – from mousepads, to t-shirts, to mugs. (And let’s be real – if you want your team to kick-butt and your customers to remember that you are #1, you’ve got to make sure the first thing they see in the morning as they’re slinging back their coffee is your logo.)

So, as we get ready to rock ‘n roll right into 2023 and crush your New Year’s Resolutions, let GOS help. We’ve got everything you need to have a productive, caffeinated, rockstar year.

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