A Valentine’s Ode To Our Greatest Love(s)

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning probably wrote these words about her love for her husband*. During this season of love, we’re going to repurpose them to tell you about our love.

Workplace solutions.

It would be unfair to say that we only love office supplies, or janitorial supplies, or breakroom treats. We could never pick a favorite! So we won’t. Each category has something special that we love about it, so we’re going to profess our undying love to each of them.

Because this is our blog, and we can.


What don’t we love about break room supplies? The wide variety of coffee flavors (even decaf). The tea. The SNACKS. It’s all amazing, and we wouldn’t be able to make it through a day at the office without the glorious pick-me-ups that the breakroom provides.

And, of course, when it comes to the breakroom, what happens there stays here. Did you break your diet by scarfing down a Snickers? It’s okay! Your boss offered it to you, so you had to. Okay… maybe your boss didn’t specifically offer it to you so much as they approved the PO for the order to be placed, but regardless…

Honestly, a breakroom stocked with treats from GOS is a little slice of workplace Heaven.

Janitorial Supplies

You know what we actually don’t love?

Germs. And so, by default, janitorial supplies are one of the things that makes our heart flutter.

Is hand sanitizer the most romantic thing in the world? No. But neither is a runny nose, so keep those germs to yourself.

Office Supplies

True or false: You have a favorite pen. Of course it’s true. Everyone does. (Seriously, no one is out there just writing with any old pen and feeling great about it – we all have a fav!) The minutiae of the work day can get a little bit stale from time to time, but finding a stash of your favorite pen in the supply closet is a little treat. Same with opening a fresh pack of sticky notes or opening to the first page of a new notebook.

Office supplies provide some of the greatest little joys during a day at the office, and for that we adore them.

Promotional Products

Honestly, who doesn’t love merch?

A mug is just a mug – but a mug emblazoned with your company’s logo on it is suddenly your Work Mug™ and takes a place of great pride and prestige on your desk. Same goes for your Work Cup™, your Work Fleece™, and your Work Tote™.

They all signify that you – YES YOU! – get to work at the greatest place on Earth. Or at least that you get to work at a place.

Professional Printing

We love the planet and we’re all about being green and eco-friendly, but we also know that sometimes it’s just better said in a hardcopy document. It gives people something tangible to remember you by, so when they’re pining after you after you’ve gone, they can still hold something in their hands… hard to do that with a PDF.

*If she didn’t write this about her husband, then it was probably super awkward since he definitely read the poems and encouraged her to publish them.

Ready to fall see what all the fuss is about and fall in love just like we have? Let’s chat!

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