Saving Money By Using Ergonomic Furniture

When people think about workplace injuries, they often think about catastrophic injuries that happen as the result of an accident. But one of the most common (and expensive) ways that workers are injured is through overexertion or repetitive strain. These injuries are especially common in office workplaces but can be prevented through the use of ergonomic furniture and equipment.

What Is Ergonomic Furniture?

Because the human body is not compatible with a sedentary lifestyle, improper posture and support causes strain that can culminate in severe injuries. Ergonomics is the study of efficiency of the human body in an environment. Using the techniques developed through years of research can help ensure an optimized work space that allows a worker to maintain safe positioning. This is achieved by using specially designed, ergonomic furniture and equipment.

The Cost Of Ignoring Ergonomics

Improper positioning can be extremely detrimental to one’s health. In particular, it can lead to the development of musculoskeletal disorders due to repetitive strain, motion or stress. These injuries manifest most often as chronic back or neck pain, or in syndromes like carpal tunnel. This means that employees take more sick days or that even when they are at work, they are much less productive due to chronic pain. The direct and indirect financial costs of these types of injuries can be huge.

Ergonomic Solutions

There are many products available that can help workers do their work efficiently and productively while limiting the risk of injury. Some examples include:

  • Task Chairs: By selecting chairs specifically designed for a certain task, employers can ensure that their workers are maintaining optimized positioning while they work. This cuts down on repetitive strain and stress considerably.
  • Standing Desks: These desks and stools are conveniently designed to ensure proper posture when working in either a sitting or standing position and allow workers to switch between the two. This flexibility is especially beneficial for preventing back pain or injury due to prolonged, immobile positioning.
  • Other ergonomic equipment: Providing equipment like wrist and keyboard rests, footrests, computer mice and related products helps workers who use computers all day. This equipment allows for a comfortable workspace that maintains neutral positioning, eliminating undue stress or strain on joints and muscles.

Prioritizing Ergonomics

Workers spend an average of 8 hours a day at their work stations, 5 days a week. Therefore, it is critical that they maintain healthy positioning during this time. Otherwise the personal costs, as well as the costs to their employer, start to really add up. Ensure your workers have a healthy environment by providing them with an ergonomically designed workspace. We can help! Providing safe and supportive office equipment is what we do. Call us today at 800-277-0208 to get started on making your workplace happier, more efficient and more productive.

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