Fun Promotional Items from GOS

The summer is here and the sun is shining! What better time of year is there to get your brand message out to your target audience thanks to a range of entertaining promotional items? Think flip-flops, beach towels, beach balls, lip balm, mini fans, water bottles, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses … it’s a pretty extensive list!

Here are a few of the best summer-themed promotional items available from our team at GOS.

Top Promotional Items That Are Perfect For Summer


There perhaps is no more successful way to obtain a better name for your brand than by either selling or giving away branded tee shirts with your company logo or name emblazoned across them!

We have a wide range of tee shirts and other types of summer-suitable apparel available in all sorts of styles and colors. Just take a look through our online catalog and see what really strikes your fancy.

Head To The Beach!

There’s really only one place to be seen during the summer, and that’s at the beach. Here at GOS, we have plenty of ideas for you when it comes to beach life. How about a fiber reactive beach towel or a convenient beach bag? If your customers like to take a dip too, we can supply swim caps, swim goggles and swim rings.

Looking good at the beach is important as well, which is why we can supply one-piece or two-piece swimsuits, or board shorts for the men. Of course, all these items can be branded with your company logo, name or slogan.

Keeping Cool And Hydrated

It’s important to keep hydrated when the sun is shining, and an ice-cold drink is a great way to cool down, too. We have a wide range of drinking vessels for you to choose from including tumblers, drink bottles, stadium cups, and drinking cups. Naturally, when your customer sees your business name emblazoned across what they are drinking from, they will know who they have to thank for helping them quench their thirst.

Turn To GOS For All Your Promotional Items

To place an order, make an inquiry or just to discuss how GOS and your business can work together to enhance your brand presence, call us at (800) 217 0208 or use the online contact form that we have made available on our website.

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