Voted One of the Top Workplaces in South Carolina

When workers feel like their workplace is especially outstanding, they can nominate their employer for the Top Workplaces list. The list is compiled by an employee engagement research company called Energage, who publishes an annual list of top workplaces in different states. When an organization is nominated by an employee, Energage undertakes a scientifically based employee survey investigation to assess the company’s workplace culture. Based entirely on responses from employees, the top companies are ranked according to specific criteria that indicates workplace quality.

Thank You To Our Employees

This year, we are incredibly proud to announce that GOS was ranked as the 19th best workplace for small businesses in the entire state of South Carolina. We’re so grateful to the employees whose opinions informed this decision. It’s incredible to know that our dedication to providing a quality workplace for our employees is recognized. So, a big thank you to all of our employees who participated in making this happen!

Why It Matters

At GOS, we’ve been serving the Greenville area for over 50 years. Customer satisfaction has always been a priority, but we’ve also made it our goal to ensure that our employees are just as satisfied as our customers. Our dedication to fostering a wonderful and engaging company culture is paying off. We want people to love working here, because we’re not just an employer or service provider, we’re also members of this wonderful community.

Social Responsibility

As a business that functions and thrives within this community, we have a responsibility to give back. By supporting small, local businesses and maintaining our focus on giving back to the community, we’re always working towards honoring that responsibility. We are proud to be a part of annual donations and participation in Breast Cancer Awareness/Research events and Susan G Komen Foundation in addition to our donations to The American Heart Society every February, local homeless shelters and food shelters and regularly donating and providing supplies to local organizations for community events. Ensuring our workforce is engaged and empowered is another huge part of that plan. At the end of the day, our employees need to be satisfied and happy about working here, so this award tells us that we’re heading in the right direction.

Continual Improvement

Not a company to rest on our laurels, this award gives us even more motivation to pursue these goals further. We’re honored to be on the list of the Top Workplaces in SC, and we can’t wait to start climbing to the top. Our commitment is unwavering, and that shows in our dedication to our employees, our customers and the broader community as a whole. Ultimately, a happy workplace ensures we can provide better service to our customers. Give us a call at 800-277-0208 for all your office supplies and business services and you can see for yourself exactly what we mean!

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