Make Your Spring Clean a Green Clean

Take your spring cleaning up a notch with sustainable cleaning supplies

It used to be that St Patrick’s Day was the one day a year that people thought about green, but that’s simply not the case anymore.  Green has come to represent an earth-friendly, sustainable sense of social responsibility.  Green means that you care about the future as much as the present, and green matters to your employees and your customers like.  

One of the most significant earth-friendly changes you can make in your business is to switch to sustainable janitorial products and green cleaning supplies.  For heavy-duty spring cleaning, daily wipe-downs, and everything in between, earth-friendly cleaners help your people, your planet, and your bottom line.

A green clean is better for your employees

Traditional cleaning products may contain hazardous chemicals that can cause respiratory issues or even require urgent care if they come in contact with your eyes, mouth, or skin.  They can also cause irritations or difficulties for people with compromised immune systems.  

Traditional cleaning products can also leave a harsh chemical odor.  There is no doubt that the workplace has been cleaned, but that definite chemical odor can be dangerous to breathe and might require extra ventilation.

Sustainable janitorial products, on the other hand, typically avoid a number of undesirable ingredients, and the result is an employee-friendly cleaner that is safer for everyone.  We don’t recognize it, but we are constantly touching and inhaling traces of harmful chemicals, day in and day out, at the office.  From hand soap to dish soap to surface cleaners, cleaning products leave invisible residue everywhere; green cleaning products can mitigate the risk from our incidental and nearly constant contact.

Green cleaners often have a more natural smell, too.  The odor might be just as pungent, but it might lean more toward lemon grass or lavender than toward the chemical scent indicative of volatile organic compounds (VOC) that are definitely not meant for human consumption.

Even though sustainable janitorial products are safer than traditional cleaning supplies, it’s still important to store them properly.  Just because they won’t kill you doesn’t mean you should eat them.  They should be stored properly, out of reach from pets or kids or people who think laundry tabs are snacks.

GReen backdrop with hand spraying spray bottle using janitorial products to clean

A green clean is better for the earth

The natural ingredients used in sustainable janitorial products are not only more tolerable to our human systems, but they are also more tolerable to the ecosystem as well.  They typically disperse and decompose in less harmful ways, which has a positive effect on their end state, be it gas, liquid, or solid.  Paper products, such as toilet paper and paper towels, are a great reminder that everything we use ends up somewhere, and green cleaners land more gently on the earth than harsh chemicals do.

Green cleaners can also be friendlier to the earth by what they leave out:  dyes and preservatives and fillers.  By using as many natural ingredients as possible and not using any ingredients that are just for show, sustainable janitorial products offer benefits to the earth in more ways than one.

In addition to ingredients included and ingredients excluded, green cleaners are more likely to come in sustainable packaging.  They might be designed for use in cold water rather than warm water, use pumps rather than sprays (you’re welcome, ozone layer!), or be manufactured or transported using renewable energy.  All of those things add up to a larger benefit for our planet.

A green clean is better for your business

As people are becoming more environmentally savvy and green becomes more popular, a green clean matters more and more.  Years ago, sustainable cleaning supplies were significantly more expensive than their tradition counterparts.  That’s not the case anymore. There are several good options for sustainable commercial cleaning supplies that won’t break the bank, either, so a green clean is within reach.  

Making these eco-friendly changes demonstrates not only your commitment to social responsibility, but also your business sense.  Transitioning to sustainable cleaning products positions you as a leader doing your part in taking care of our environment. With the tools and products available today, a green clean has never been easier, safer, or more affordable for everyone.

Lead the way with a green clean

Go green and clean green with sustainable janitorial supplies from GOS.  Green is who we are; it’s even in our name.  We’ll bring the green straight to your door, treading lightly on the earth the whole way.

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