GOS Presents: Office Supplies on the Runway

Spring Fashion Week 2021

If the pandemic has been hard on your style and  you’re finding it difficult to generate enthusiasm for fashion these days, never fear.  GOS has the perfect antidote for those “but I want my PJ pants” blues:  why not take your spring closet refresh to a different closet?  The office supply closet!  

A few simple changes can freshen up your office supply look.  Restock with some of these runway stars of Spring 2021:

Contoured Performance Scissors

Our first model, Contoured Performance Scissors from Fiskars, wears a lovely silver top with a flared blue skirt.  The contoured handles fit perfectly in your hand, and the beautiful blue color will make the spring blue birds jealous.  Be careful, though:  these lovely ladies measure 8 inches long with an impressive cut length of 3.5 inches; if you sell them short, they will cut you to the quick!

Pare of Piskars scissors from GOS
Green filing folder with tab from GOS

Colored File Folders

Nothing says “spring” better than green, and these lovely Pendaflex colored file folders do not disappoint.  This beauty combines fashion and function, sporting a two-tone green that reverses to double the filing options.  When the interior is a lighter shade than exterior, the top tabs are easier to see; this helps prevent filing errors.  Featuring 1/3 cut tabs, these letter size folders come in boxes of 100.  Although our model is featuring green on the runway today, this outfit comes in a variety of colors that mimic the variety of spring.

Permanent Glue Stick Value Pack

A purple so pretty, the Easter Bunny will come back for a second look!  This Permanent Glue Stic Value Pack from Avery comes in a pack of 6.  They apply with a lovely spring purple, but they dry clear.  Don’t let the fact that they dry invisible fool you, though:  these glue sticks are strong and permanent, perfect for paper, cardboard, fabric, and photos.  Unlike many items in fashion week, these babies easily wash off hands and clothes for quick cleanup. Critics are calling them “neat, smooth, and easy.”

Pack of Glue stics for the office from GOS
Stack of office essential yellow Post-it notes.

Post-it Notes

Our next model is kicking it old school for Spring of 2021 with classic canary yellow Post-it Notes.  True to form, these self-stick removable notes stick securely and remove cleanly.  Coming in at 3 x3 inches, they are the perfect size for reminders and messages around the office and short to-do lists for yourself.  Canary yellow notes are perfect for the sunny spring days, and these models are classics that simply never go out of style..

Pink Pen, Black Ink

Is this a fashion accessory or a writing accessory?  Maybe it’s both!  The pink barrel screams Spring, but the black ink gets down to business.  The sleek, stylish barrel design has metal accents for a professional look, and the high-performance ink technology combines the best qualities of liquid and gel ink for a super-smooth writing experience.  This pink beauty is like your favorite mascara: no smears, no smudges, no globs.  In fact, the liquid gel ink dries so fast even left-handed writers love it.  You will, too.

3 Pack of pink gel pens for the office from GOS

Bring Spring to Your Office

This concludes our sneak peek of the Spring office supply selection from GOS.  While we can only feature a few stars on the runway, you can check out our full selection of office supplies any time on our website.  Choose the spring supplies your office needs, and your employees will feel a little lighter and brighter – just like the season.  With our free delivery, we’ll bring your Spring office supplies straight to your door with a spring in our step.

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