5 Ways to Meet Your New Year’s Goal at the Office

Achieve Your New’s Year’s Resolutions with These 5 Workplace Tips

Before you know it, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season will come to a close and we will be able to put this year behind us. As you start to think about hopes and goals for 2021, be sure you create a supportive environment at home and at the office. 


New Year 2020

Whether you’re looking to get more physically active, be organized and productive, or reduce daily stress and find some mental peace, here are 5 office tips to help you stick to those New Year’s resolutions on the job, and ensure you have a healthy and happy new year. 

  1. Stay fueled with healthy snacks and beverages. If you’re trying to eat healthier in the new year, food options to keep you energized and sharp all day long are essential. Trash those holiday leftovers and stock up on high protein snacks of low-calorie snacks for the office. Snacks like cheese, nuts, jerky, veggies, popcorn, fruit and peanut butter are sure to help your team beat the afternoon slump. Ask your boss to rethink the office candy bowl and offer small packs of trail mix instead. And to help you and your colleagues stay on the right track, ditch the sugary drinks and soda, and replace them with tea, flavored water, or natural fruit juices. 
  2. Try some productivity-boosting practices. Staying focused at work can be tough, especially if you are working from home. We’ve all found ourselves distracted or uninspired during a long workday. Get the most out of your day and boost productivity with some simple tips. For example. to tack your to-do list more efficiently, schedule dedicated time for your work projects, split big projects into smaller tasks, and set hard deadlines. Keep a detailed list of your to-dos on a printable calendar or your Google Calendar, or in a monthly planner. Are emails interrupting your work groove? Set aside time each day to answer emails and phone calls so you don’t lose momentum. And if you’re still finding that you can’t limit internet distractions or social media activity, call in the big guns and try an anti-distraction program or app for your computer or phone. These programs can prevent you from unnecessary check-ins, limiting your time or activity based on your preferences. 
  3. Create a tidy and inspiring office space. Clutter and mess can be huge distractions and energy-zappers in the workplace. Start 2021 with a clean slate and make sure your office environment matches your New Year goals. Start by tidying up your desk space and using helpful offie supplies and storage solutions, such as drawer organizers, file sorters, shelves, and pen and pencil holders. To stay organized, aim to clean off your desk at the end of each day so you can start the next day fresh. After a quick new year clean-up, invest in some office decor that’ll motivate and inspire. Whether it’s pictures, posters, quotes, or vision boards, creating a personal and positive office space can east the office tedium. 
  4. Upgrade your office furniture. Nothing is worse than an office chair that leaves you with a sore back, or a desk that makes your neck ache. Reduce your pain, improve comfort, and even boost performance with ergonomic furniture for the office. Show your team you care about employee wellness by investing in furniture that’ll make them comfortable. For some colleagues, that means standing desks, ball chairs, and laptop stands; for others, it may mean ergonomic mouse pads and keyboards. Want to make company meetings more creative and engaging? Ditch the conference table and try lounge seats and sofas. Creating an inviting workplace that encourages engagement begins with comfortable furniture!
  5. Take breaks for physical activity and mental health. If staying physically and mentally healthy is one of your New Year’s goals, don’t let your work routine get in the way. Carve out time each day to take a break for physical activity or mental health. If weather permits, find a buddy and set aside time each day to go for a walk. If winter weather keeps you indoors, get creative with a quick desk workout using your office furniture and supplies. If you normally take the elevator or park close to your office, take the stairs or park father away to get in a few extra steps. Trying to reduce your work-related stress? Schedule 10-15 minutes each day to do some deep breathing and meditate. If your day is packed with meetings, ask your company to hold a team mindfulness session each week. Research proves that companies that start a mindfulness or meditation program can reduce employee stress and improve productivity. 

New Year’s goals can be overwhelming. Remember to take baby steps and be patient with your progress. Much like big work projects, substantial goals take time and commitment. Don’t give up and don’t forget these helpful tips as 2020 winds down. Bookmark this article so you can get down to business and start your new year on the right foot!

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