How Childcare Facilities Can Benefit from Working with GOS

If you run or are involved with any type of childcare facility or educational organization such as a daycare center, a school or an after-hours center for example, then GOS can help you with supplies for most functions that you cover. We can help you work smarter, and make your job and the services you provide easier and better.

Here is a quick run down of the items where we’ve got you covered.

Office Supplies & Furniture

When it comes to your staff offices, rooms, and your classrooms, we can supply a great deal of office supplies and furniture for you. We offer over 50,000 different office products, all designed to work perfectly for your benefit at your childcare facility. We can supply you with items from many big names, including 3MAccoCambridgeGBCPentel, and Scotch.

We can also supply you with deskstablesdisplaysoffice chairs and shelving units.

Janitorial and Facility Supplies

If you need any item to keep your bathroom, kitchen or any area of your facility clean, then we can help. We offer a wide range of cleanersdisinfectantscleaning toolshand soapssanitizerstowelstissueswaste cans, and waste can liners. We can easily become your one-stop solution for all your janitorial and facility support requirements.


There’s no doubt your staff works extremely hard, but they need a little bit of a break now and again. Why not reward them by filling your break room with the best items available, including premium coffee brands, sodasteascocoasnacks, and bottled waters. We are also authorized distributors for Mars/Flavia and Keurig. Your employees will understand how highly they are valued if you go the extra mile with break room supplies from GOS.

Promote Your Company!

If you are in the private sector then it’s important for your business to thrive, and one of the best ways to thrive is by getting your business name out there via a range of GOS promotional products. As well as having a wide range of promotional products for you to choose from, we can advise you personally on the best items we think will enhance the reputation of your brand, from fun giveaways to items that your potential customers and clients will really cherish.

All our products can be viewed in our online catalog that’s available here. For further information, please call us at 800-277-0208 or contact any member of our team here.

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