Benefits of Providing Coffee for your Employees

If you have ever worked in a professional setting, a cup of coffee is present in most employee’s hands, especially in the morning. There’s got to be a reason why so many companies offer complimentary coffee to their employees, right? Well, yes, there are actually multiple benefits of providing coffee to your employees that our team at GOS wants to make you aware of.

Welcoming Work Environment

Keeping your employees around for the long haul requires more than just a regular paycheck. Employees often spend more of their time at work during the week than they do at home, so they want their work environment to be pleasant and welcoming. If it’s not, then they may decide to look elsewhere for another job. Small steps like providing coffee for your employees goes a long way. Offering coffee in a variety of flavors throughout the day helps keep your work environment welcoming. At GOS, we can be the ideal partner for your company to ensure that you never run out of coffee throughout the work week.

Boost In Productivity

There are some days that just seem to drag along. For employees, drinking a cup of coffee often can be the extra boost that employees need to boost their productivity. A little caffeine can get the brain going and the next thing you know that tired employee is on a roll with the project that they are working on. In turn, the business benefits from this boost in productivity.

Choose GOS For All Of Your Coffee Needs

As a business, deciding on where to purchase your coffee from can be overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from, but which one works best and is most affordable for your business? Well, by choosing GOS as your coffee supplier, you’ll get access to incredible prices, plenty of variety and enough coffee to keep it flowing throughout the day. Brewing your coffee from GOS is cheaper and quicker than paying for coffee elsewhere. Our coffee program includes access to a commercial brewer which will be serviced every 2 weeks. Additionally, we offer our clients GOS premium coffee blends, national coffee brands, K-cups and Flavia as well.

If you weren’t already aware, you should know now that there are multiple benefits of providing coffee to your employees. Free flowing coffee helps employers maintain a welcoming work environment and often boosts the productivity of their employees as well. So, if you’re looking for an experienced company to provide coffee at your office, look no further than our dedicated team at GOS. To learn more about the coffee options that we provide, give us a call today at 800-277-0208 or email.

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