Keep Your Workplace Fresh and Clean With Janitorial and Sanitation Products

When someone asks you what the best part of your workday was, we’re willing to bet that the absolute last thing you think of is the janitorial and sanitation (JanSan) supplie…

7 Awesome Janitorial Supplies and Hygiene Products To Make Your Office Shine

Hands cleaning keyboard with disinfectent wipe

As your employees head back to the office from their Covid-induced hibernation, you may wonder how things got so bad around here? Coffee grounds left to fester in the coffee pot. Ba

Make Your Spring Clean a Green Clean

Environmentally friendly janitorial cleaning supplies nested in grass.

Take your spring cleaning up a notch with sustainable cleaning supplies

It used to be that St Patrick’s Day was the one day a year that people thought about green, but that’s simply n…

7 Tips To Fight The Flu & COVID-19

The dreaded season is upon us: that coughing, sneezing, achy, don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed time of year. Except this flu season, we’re fighting COVID-19, as wel

3 Office Tips for Reopening After COVID-19

How To Social Distance At The Office

With thousands of companies reopening and inviting employees back to the office after COVID-19, many employers are suddenly wondering how to keep their teams healthy and safe. T…

Latest News: Our Locally-Made Hand Sanitizer Now For Sale Online!

Local Hand Sanitizer for Sale Online

GOS, in partnership with Parimer Scientific and Birds Fly South Ale Project (BFS), recently debuted locally-produced and FDA-registered hand sanitizing gel available for sal…