June is National Safety Month: Stock Up On Workplace Safety Essentials

office safety gear

Keep Your Team Safe

We might be light-hearted and jovial around here, but we know workplace safety is no joke. Ensuring the safety of your team and customers is a top priority, and so…

How to Choose the Right Janitorial Equipment for Your Office Needs

janitor using scrubber in an office

A Clean Workspace Is A Productive Workspace

Welcome to the ultimate guide for office cleanliness! Yes, we know – it’s riveting. Who doesn’t get excited about mops, scrubbe…

Spring Cleaning: Because Dust Bunnies Shouldn’t Have Rent-Free Homes

spring cleaning gloves and wipes hung on a drying line

Why Spring Cleaning Matters

Ah, springtime – the season of blooming flowers, chirping birds, and… dust bunnies? If your office space is starting to resemble a wildlife san…

Keep Your Workplace Fresh and Clean With Janitorial and Sanitation Products

When someone asks you what the best part of your workday was, we’re willing to bet that the absolute last thing you think of is the janitorial and sanitation (JanSan) supplie…

7 Awesome Janitorial Supplies and Hygiene Products To Make Your Office Shine

Hands cleaning keyboard with disinfectent wipe

As your employees head back to the office from their Covid-induced hibernation, you may wonder how things got so bad around here? Coffee grounds left to fester in the coffee pot. Ba

Make Your Spring Clean a Green Clean

Environmentally friendly janitorial cleaning supplies nested in grass.

Take your spring cleaning up a notch with sustainable cleaning supplies

It used to be that St Patrick’s Day was the one day a year that people thought about green, but that’s simply n…