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We’ve had a lot of customers bugging us these days. They call us on the phone. They fill out our contact form for more information. They send messages by carrier pigeon. Worst of all, we’re receiving multiple orders a day for everything from your garden-variety pens and pencils to our kick-butt promotional products.

All our customers tell us that we’re the best place to buy office supplies. But it’s all starting to become a bit much. We know, we know…we’re the best. We thank you for your loyalty and acknowledgement. 

And now, we kindly request that you stop.

Do you understand the pressure we’re under to continue to be the best company in office supplies?  Do you know how long it’s been since we had an actual vacation? (Not just a weekend trip to Myrtle Beach, but a legitimate vacation?) 

Being the best place to buy office supplies means we can’t catch a break. Customers keep piling online for our unmatched service and low prices, and we have to make sure we maintain this level of excellence because, God Forbid, someone should suffer the misfortune of shopping for copy paper at Staples. 

Our Executive Director of No Good Deed Goes Unpunished recently shared the following graph with us: 

As the chart above shows, there’s a clear positive correlation between a company’s level of customer service and the number of customers who want to shop with them. 

Why didn’t we anticipate this? 

We started offering free next-day delivery of all office supplies, and the next thing you know, we can’t catch a break because the customers are beating down our door. 

When we began doling out all this personalized attention to our customers, we had no idea that it’d get to the point where we’d have to give up our 3-hour afternoon nap. We simply had no clue that becoming the best place to buy office supplies would become such a colossal hassle.

GOS Janitor Supply

They always tell companies: be good at one thing. Janitor supply was not necessarily something we wanted to be doing, but here we are folks, offering you advice on the best trash can liners to buy so your employees’ pasta sauce doesn’t leak through and ruin your cans.

Okay, it’s true, the TC Microburst Odor Control System 3000 is the Cadillac of Odor Control Systems. When it comes to odor control, it can waft the scent of Jasmine Bloom through the air.

It calms the senses, and it calms the mind. It’s the perfect addition to your office break room or bathroom. This is all true. 

And, I suppose we did tell people that we had the best in janitorial supply.

Maybe we should have known better. You start giving folks free next-day delivery on not only mops, PPE, and regular janitorial supplies, and also great office odors, and they come running.

Office Coffee Service Supplies…You’re Kidding, Right?

Rather than just dumping coffee grounds on your doorstep like some companies would, we entered the full office coffee service supplies game.

We told you that we would help customize your business reports to help you get a grasp on your spending for office supplies, and the next thing we know, we’re receiving requests about how to make your office coffee better.

Then, we find ourselves selling you our own branded coffee and everything you need for your break room from fresh, nutritious snacks to your own white-glove coffee delivery service.

The problem is: at GOS we care too much. We can’t stand to see employees slurping tasteless, no-name coffee out of Styrofoam cups. 

So, of course, we went ahead and offered you the best office coffee service we could. It wasn’t a matter of pride. It certainly wasn’t a matter of our needing more customers. We just couldn’t stand to see any more employees suffer because of muddy office coffee.

Sometimes we think that our hearts are just too big.

Office Design Services…%#%&&!

Okay we get it, many office supply companies will dip their toes in the murky waters of office furniture. The last we checked Staples will even sell you a desk chair. 

But there’s a vast difference between selling office furniture as we do, and receiving a completely customized office makeover from the interior designers at GOS.  

Why do we do it? We’ll tell you why. 

We do it all for this guy right here:

It’s 8pm at night. He has to deliver on those reports to this guy by 7:15am tomorrow morning:

And they stuck him in a cardboard box. Just a man thinking about all the countless mistakes that he’s made over the course of his life that has led him to wind up working late hours in a cardboard box.

Our office design services are available to make this guy’s life just a little more bearable, a little less heartbreaking

Please Don’t Shop at GOS

Like Icarus, we flew too close to the sun, and took on too much. So, we’re begging you, please don’t shop at GOS. We need a nap and a vacation, although not necessarily in that order.

We know that we offer:

  • Free next-day delivery on all items
  • A super convenient online store with thousands of items
  • Price matching
  • Personalized, attentive customer service
  • The option to work with us to manage your budget

But we never expected this level of success. Who knew that becoming the best place to buy office supplies would cause us to become overwhelmed by our fantastic customers?


The Good and Tired Folks at GOS


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