Office Solutions from GOS: Grab Custom Apparel and Products for Your Company’s Summer Event

In the season finale of The Office’s fifth season, Dunder Mifflin Scranton takes on corporate in a volleyball game at their company picnic to punish their bosses for closing the Buffalo branch. Despite Dwight Shrute’s attempt to rouse his coworkers, Meredith intentionally loses the game by throwing the ball into his back.

We don’t know why Scranton suddenly lost their competitive spirit. True, they were down their best player, Pam, who exited early with an injury, but could it be those uninspiring red t-shirts with the name of their city’s branch?


After all, when Dwight begins his “Dunder Mifflin” cheer, Meredith reminds him that both teams belong to “Dunder Mifflin.” You wouldn’t know from the t-shirts.

At GOS, we understand that the right promotional products for businesses can make or break your summer retreat/picnic/barbeque/softball team/whatever. As in The Office, solutions to building team spirit may be just one soft t-shirt with your business’s name on it away.

What Can I Customize? 

When it comes to your business’s custom products, you might order water bottles with your company’s logo and name on the side to hydrate between innings of your corporate team’s softball game.

It won’t make you play to the level of these guys—“holy cow,” as Harry Caray would say, “how many infield fly balls can one team drop?!”—but at least your team will stay refreshed on the diamond.

Or maybe, tote bags are more your thing? Not only are tote bags a great promotional item for your employees, but you can give them away to customers. Build brand awareness at the beach or the grocery store this summer, we say.

Does your company’s annual summer barbecue need a custom sign to alert potential customers that when it comes to grill mastery, you and your coworkers can’t be beat. Note: custom signs are not just for the trade show; they work in almost every capacity to let others know who you are. Just so you know.

(Since we’re on the subject of barbecue mastery, we thought we’d share this video clip with you, which has nothing to do with promotional products, but always makes us laugh: “Le grille, what the hell is that?”)

Whatever promotional products you choose, there is one must have for every company gathering this summer: shirts customized.

GOS has so many options when it comes to shirts: screen-printed tees, tanks, work shirts, jerseys, etc. We assure you that other companies’ mouths will drop when they see your employees enter looking like a fun-in-the-sun version of Reservoir Dogs—minus Chris Penn of course. (What is up with that purple and aqua windbreaker?)

Whether your company’s employees are fielding the aforementioned softball team or hanging out poolside, you need to make sure they’re representing your company in style. Shirt printing with your company logo with either a recognized shirt brand or one of our generic options will ensure your company receives the attention they deserve.

Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now

Lastly, have you ever thought about a branded giveaway? Maybe you’re Joe’s Hardware, and you suddenly find yourself competing with the Lowe’s they built right across the street. (Summer is the time, after all, when folks start to think about those renovation projects that they’ve been putting off.)

You know you can’t beat the corporate megastore on drill-bit prices, but you’re not ready to give up. (Giving up is for Sam’s Hardware, not Joe’s.)

What better way to give your customers a reason to return than handing out a couple free “Joe’s Hardware” flashlights.

The point is not that you need to give away a bunch of flashlights. Rather, the point is that when it comes to promotional and custom products that build brand awareness, for businesses large and small, GOS has thousands of products (from letter openers to carabiners to USB ports) that can be fashioned with your company’s name and logo.

Call it marketing or office solutions, the fact remains that Greenville Office Supply has the promotional and customizable product’s market for businesses covered.

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