Greenville Office Supplies (GOS): Still Having Fun and Still Current After 50 Years in the Business

Greenville Office Supplies (GOS) has been in business since the beginning of the Nixon administration. While many other companies have disappeared since we first opened our doors in 1968, GOS has managed to stay relevant because we continue to pursue inventive ways to improve the modern workspace.

Battling the big box stores, along with Amazon, presents its challenges, but GOS has never shied away from competition. Ensuring all of our customers have the necessary workplace products–from modern office furniture, to office supplies, to commercial-grade cleaning supplies–to make each day at the office a success has always been our top priority.

Partnering with industry-leading supply companies, we make it so that you’ll never need to make that last minute trip to the big-box store to pick up one lousy box of staples.

At our core, it’s our approach to customer service that has kept us at the top of our game over the decades.

A Customer-Service First Approach

We’re always interested in pushing to make the workplace a little better, a little more fun. Indeed, a large part of the way we’ve maintained our success over the years is always putting our customers first.

The office place today is different than it was in 1968. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, not too many businesses worried about serving fresh and nutritious snacks in cardboard boxes made from recycled materials. 

Today, however, as workplaces have become less stuffy, and workers are encouraged to treat their offices as a second home, our partnership with companies such as Green Rabbit have proved vital.

Providing nutritious snacks to workers is merely one way GOS has changed with the times.

Yet another way we’ve maintained success is by expanding our office supply distribution and delivery services across the United States.

In creating a national distribution network, we knew we needed to differentiate ourselves from the e-commerce giants and big box stores. While we always match prices, the thing that separates us from the big guys is that we treat every customer across the country the exact same as we treat our local Greenville customers, providing service that makes people, rather than boxes, smile.

Promotional Products

GOS entered the promotional office products market with the same question as every one of our business ventures since 1968: namely, how can we make workplaces more fun and invigorating?

Today, you can order everything from tote bags to athletic socks to electronics imprinted with your company’s distinct logo and name.

Our promotional products line has really helped us complete the chain that connects GOS with our customers by enabling them to connect with their customers.

Again, the times they are a changin, as Bob Dylan sang, but GOS has remained relevant to the business of office supplies through all the changes in the ways Americans work and what they require for their places of work.

Whatever the needs of tomorrow’s workplace, you can expect that GOS will rise to the occasion.

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