Healthy Break Room Options for Spring

Spring is finally here! Flowers are blooming, temperatures are on the rise and you can finally spend some much needed time outdoors. It is also a great time to renew your commitment to eating healthy, exercising more and getting ready for the summer months. One place where keeping this commitment to your health can be sometimes difficult is at work. You may spend many hours sitting at your desk and find it difficult to eat well.

Healthy Snacks and Beverages for your Office

GOS supplies a wide variety of breakroom snack options to help you get through your work day. We understand that your team wants healthy options this time of year, so we offer options for your breakroom that help you stay healthy.

Some of the most popular healthy breakroom snack options include:

These healthy snack options are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals and can give you just the boost that you need to get through your workday. They are quick and easy to grab and eat on your way to a meeting or at your desk. They also taste great – and can satisfy a sweet tooth!

Also, if you are looking for a beverage to go with your snack, GOS offers breakroom beverages that are tasty, healthy and not filled with sugar. We offer several signature coffee blends including GOS Palmetto Blend, GOS Carolina Bold, and GOS Columbian as well as Newman’s Own Organic K-cups. If you are more of a tea drinker, we offer the very popular Numi Organic Teas as well as Steep Tees. We can also set up a filtered water system in your breakroom to help you and your co-workers stay hydrated all year round.

Leading Office Supply Company in SC

Your company can partner with GOS to keep your employees healthy and happy this spring. Ensuring that they have healthy snack and beverage options this time of year shows your commitment to their health and wellbeing. We make it easy by offering a wide variety of healthy options and will deliver them right to your door! Our team has been in business for more than 50 years, operating as a leading single source supplier for all of your office needs. For more information about healthy breakroom options, call GOS today at 800-277-0208.

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