Beef Jerky 101: A 5-Question Quiz to Prove Your Jerky Worth

You know that GOS offers a variety of breakroom foods snacks and supplies to keep you fappy.*  No matter what you’re craving – coffeecandyfresh fruits and veggies? – GOS brings it right to your door.  

Today we pay homage to a particular fan favorite snack that you’ve probably been noshing on your whole life.  Got a guess?

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t spoil.

Yep, today we throw the GOS snack spotlight on a classic:  good ol’ beef jerky.

Brick wall with a neon sign saying "Ready for a Quiz?"

Fresh foods are really the best, aren’t they?  

That is, unless they’re not fresh.  Then they’re the worst. Fresh foods have lots of things going for them, but staying power ain’t one of ‘em.  

If you’re looking for a snack that will last, make some space in the breakroom for jerky.  That’s right:  GOS is bringing jerky back – straight to your office. 

Actually, jerky never went away.  It’s been here all along.  From Slim Jims in the break room to small batches at the farmers’ market, jerky is an American staple.  We put it in our lunch boxes, our game day bags, our back packs, our glove boxes, and our office drawers.  We all know that nothing can get you through a mid-afternoon slump like a little strip of protein.  

What else do we know about these meaty little leathers?  Put your jerky knowledge to the test with this quick quiz:

1. Why is it called jerky?

    1. Because of the way you eat it: clamp it between your teeth and jerk bites of it off
    2. Because it was originally given to the biggest jerk in the tribe as he was excommunicated and banished into the wild
    3. Because Europeans had a hard time with the native tongue

2. How long has jerky been around?

    1. Since Pa accidentally forgot about a cut of meat in the salt cellar
    2. Since Cleopatra needed snacks for her road trips
    3. Since a very thin man named James decided he needed a snack named after him

3. How much beef does it take to make a pound of jerky?

    1. About three pounds of beef = one pound of jerky; all the best things come in threes.
    2. 1 to 1 – it’s all just beef. Duh.
    3. About half a pound of beef = one pound of jerky; the other half pound is all salt.
Close up of a ginger haired beef cattle

4. Jerky can only be made from mammals.

    1. True.  In fact, it can only be made from mammals with 4 legs.
    2. False.  It’s a big world, people.  Don’t limit yourself.

5. Where is the best place to eat jerky?

    1. In the car – it was basically made for road trips.
    2. In space – all the astronauts will tell you it goes great with Tang.
    3. On the trail – portable protein for all your hard-core hiking needs.
    4. At the office – GOS brings it straight to your door.
    5. All of the above.


  1. C.  Jerky scholars seem to agree that jerky comes from a European’s sad attempt to say “Ch’arki“, a name derived from the Quechuan language of the Incas.  Ch’arki translates into “dried meat.” Those Incans liked to call a spade a spade.
  2. B.  Back in the Nile days, meat was a luxury, and it spoiled fast.  Early recipes for jerky were employed to avoid waste and to keep the wealthy classes happy. 
  3. A.  Turns out meat is nearly 60% water.  It takes a lot of beef to make a little jerky.
  4. B.  You’d be surprised at what creative folks will make jerky from:  fish, kangaroo, ostrich, snake, gator, alpaca … the list goes on
  5. E.  One of the best parts about jerky is that you can take it anywhere.  Gotta love that.
Closeup of an ostrich with its mouth opened as if it is surprised.

How’d you score?

4-5:  Fashion your jerky into a crown; you’re the king of the jerk!  Call GOS to brag about your reign.

2-3:  A valiant effort you can be proud of.  With a little help from GOS, you’ll have your jerky game on point again in no time.  

1:  You probably just need some protein to pep you up.  How about some jerky or other breakroom snacks from GOS?


No matter how you scored, doesn’t all this talk about jerky make you want some?  GOS is on stand-by to bring all your breakroom snacks right to your office.  All hail the OG of snack foods:  beef jerky.

Box of slim jims perfect for the office breakroom
Pack of Jack Links Beef Sticks for the office breakroom
Bag of turkey jerky for the office breakroom

*Fappy = the opposite of hangry

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