5 Essential Tips for Making New Employees Feel Welcome

Making a great first impression can go a long way; this is especially true when it comes to onboarding new employees. Having an excellent onboarding practice for a new hire means much more than acquainting him or her with the office and organizational values; it’s about making the new employee feel welcome and appreciated. Employees who feel appreciated and a part of the team right away are much more likely to be productive and feel excited to come into the office daily. To help your new employees feel more welcome, follow these top tips.

How to Support New Hires in Feeling More Welcome and a Part of the Team
Reach Out to Them before They Start Working

Before day 1 of work rolls around the calendar, make sure to keep the line of communication open with new hires before they start in the office. Oftentimes, employers don’t check in with employees after they sign their offer letter and before they start on the job. This can leave new hires feeling a bit lost and uncertain in the process. Sending a few friendly emails with additional information and assurances that you are happy to answer any questions they might have can make a huge difference. Also, make sure to send over your congratulations for receiving the job offer again as well.

Prepare Your Team for Each New Employee

Not knowing anything about a new employee can make starting new conversations a bit awkward. Before a new hire starts working, fill your team in on everything they need to know about the new employee. Share with them the details of the position he or she is filling, their credentials, and any relevant background information about the new employee. Express to everyone the importance of taking that extra step to be friendly, enthusiastic, kind, and inviting of conversations.

Give New Hires a Friendly Welcome Basket

The sight of seeing a full stocked, ready-to-go desk can signify your excitement of having a new employee join the team. Creating a welcome basket expresses your appreciation for someone in a meaningful, tangible way. Putting together a small collection of office supplies, snacks, business cards, and maybe even a small gift card to a local coffee shop can do the trick. Don’t forget to also include a company handbook and a maybe even a personal collage of co-workers with helpful pictures that put names to faces.

Show Your Genuine Interest in New Employees as People

We are all so much more than the job titles and work experiences we hold. Take the time to get to learn a little more about your new employees as people. Find out what else they are passionate about, how they see the world, and how they prefer to be appreciated when the time comes to express your gratitude. Consider inviting them out to lunch for that first day to build rapport and engage in some more meaningful, yet informal conversations. Use this as a time to answer any additional questions or concerns that started to arise throughout the day.

Check in as Time Passes

Effective onboarding extends further out than the first day or two. It takes many days and weeks before new employees start to truly get a hang of their new job. After the first week and month, make sure that you are checking in and meeting with new employees to ensure they are on the right path. Give them the chance to ask more questions and provide them with feedback regarding how they are doing so far on the job.

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