TWO New Products For Advanced Cleaning And Sanitation

Way better than hot water, salt and ash…

Introducing two new cleaning and sanitation products that have come a long way since the days of scalding hot water, salt and ashes.

Cleaning and sanitation has come a long way since it’s days of scalding hot water and salt and ashes. Today we know that sanitation makes a tremendous contribution to preventing disease and keeping people healthy. But it wasn’t always that way. It wasn’t until the mid 1800’s that germs were discovered to cause diseases and that soaps, disinfectants, and sanitation could help control the outbreaks of deadly proportions. Fast forward 100 years and we are still making advances in the cleaning and sanitation fields.

Purell Everywhere System – The Right Solution Everywhere You Need It!

Our goal has always been to make staying well easier. You trust PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer skin care specialists to apply the best science and innovations to help keep you and your skin healthy. The PURELL ES™ Everywhere System is the latest advancement in design. It fits everywhere to better fit your life. It’s easy to install and perfect for business offices, healthcare centers, receptionist desks, dentist and medical offices, convenience stores, grocery stores, classroom, and anywhere else you can think of. Click >HERE< to learn more about Purell Everywhere System.

Sertun Rechargeable Sanitizer Towels – Your Reputation Depends On It!

Your restaurant’s reputation depends on serving safe food products to your patrons. Cross-contamination is a real threat from cloth towels. Sanitizer solutions are effective for only a prescribed period of time. And your employees aren’t sanitation experts. Yet you can’t afford to make a wrong decision about sanitation. Now Sertun™ Rechargeable Sanitizer Indicator Towels take the guesswork out of sanitizing. You – and your staff – can be sure you’re effectively sanitizing any surface with revolutionary Color Check Technology™ built into every Sertun™ Towel. Place your order today with your preferred food service distributor to be sure you’re sanitizing front of house, back of house, and every surface in between. Your reputation depends on it. Click >HERE< to learn more about Sertun Rechargeable Sanitizer Towels.

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