The Top Office Supplies To Save You From Boardroom Boredom

Do you ever have one of those days when you have so many meetings about the work that needs to get done that you don’t actually get a chance to do any of the work? 

Throw in some meetings that are a little bit boring, a smidge too long, and kind of irrelevant to your actual job and – man, oh man – it can be tricky to stay enthusiastic and engaged for the duration.

To help you break up the monotony of those back-to-back-to-back meetings, here are some of our favorite office supplies that can help you pass the time. 


When it comes to keeping yourself entertained (and stopping your fingers from drumming incessantly on the table), paperclips should be your go-to. You can fit literally hundreds of these little do-dads just about anywhere, and the possibilities are endless. Just need to keep your hands busy? Link ‘em up and see how long of a chain you can make. Need to keep your creative juices flowing? Create some cute little sculptures out of them!

Colored Pens

Ahh, colored pens. So many people choose to use their colored pens and highlighters for things like taking notes or marking off important passages in documents. But you, my boredom-busting chum? You are going to let these little guys really shine. With a pack of colored writing utensils, you can doodle to your heart’s content AND take notes! 

Honestly, it’s “better” if you doodle in the margins of your notes so that you can be both productive and creative at the same time, but we get it. Sometimes it’s all you can do to stay awake during one of Jan’s quarterly keynotes, and during those desperate times, your pens will help you create your own beautiful, non-conference-room-y world to escape into. 

Sticky Notes

To use sticky notes as a boredom buster, you’ve got to be a master of the craft. First of all, stickies are trickier to bring into a meeting than paperclips or pens since they’re naturally bigger and bulkier. And – to make it look like you’re doing some work, you actually need to bring accessories – a full-size notepad and a writing utensil, for example. But once you’re settled into your seat and looking for your bit of enjoyment, stickies can be a great tool for distraction. 

Have a ton of stuff floating around in your brain? Write it down! Who doesn’t love writing lists about things they should be doing while ignoring a thing they’re actually doing? 

Need to infuse some creativity into the meeting – use your stickies to create some office supply origami. And since the stickies are – well – sticky, you can take some shortcuts and let the adhesive help your creation stay together. Or you could get really creative and see if you can build a house of cards type of situation with your sticky notes. They obviously aren’t as thick as cards, so they won’t stand up very well on their own… but – Pro Tip! – you can experiment with the adhesive and varying quantities to create the perfect building material.

Ready to stock up on all of your boredom-busting office supplies? Place your order with GOS today, and we’ll have it delivered ASAP so that you and your team can be well on your way to productive, purposeful, not-at-all-procrasinate-y meetings.

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