The Right Office Supplies to Feng Shui Your Desk the GOS Way

Office Feng Shui

Feng Shui refers to the ancient Chinese practice of using natural energy (“chi”) to harmonize individuals to their environments. Historically, feng shui, which literally translates as “wind-water”—don’t ask us what this means, we just work here—was used to lay out buildings and spaces more auspiciously.

Many workers today want to “feng shui” their office space, hoping that achieving the right balance of elements, and letting the chi flow in their places of work, will encourage wealth and prosperity. Most writers on the topic of feng shui for the office, however, focus on the same things: placing your desk in a “power position” facing the door, decluttering your desk space, and even controlling the scent of your space with essential oils or candles. (Fire hazard, anyone?)

We don’t necessarily disagree with any of the suggestions from these feng shui experts, but what about those pesky office supplies that you need to do your job. In our opinion, any desk feng shui/office desk feng shui makeover requires a list of must have office supplies to keep that chi flowing, but also keep you from losing your job.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to feng shui the GOS way!

How to Feng Shui Your Desk (The GOS Way)

Let’s start with an image of a desk totally Feng Shuied out:

Feng Shui the GOS Way

As you can see from the above image, the desk above has a total of seven to nine stations—let’s agree to call them “stations.” Each station represents an aspect of your life. Each aspect, in turn, might also refer to an element—wood, fire, water, earth, and metal—that needs to be kept in harmonious balance. Don’t worry, we know this all sounds abstract and hippy-dippy right now, but we will walk you through every station and element along with corresponding desk supplies appropriate to each, so you will be able to fully chi-out your desk or workplace in proper feng shui style

1. Wealth and Prosperity

The back left corner of your desk represents wealth and prosperity. Lots of those in the Feng Shui community would have you put a plant here—not really sure how a plant is supposed to make you prosperous—but we think this would be a perfect spot for your computer monitor. It’s the most expensive item on your desk, right? (Well, at least next to your collection of antique vases from the Qianlong period.) GOS sells a number of monitor stands, and we would like to feature this number for its uber Feng Shui decluttering potential. The color is up to you, but feng shui-ers would likely suggest black or brown for the earth element, which is associated with stability and security.

2. Fame and Reputation

Your reputation is everything, and what better way to tell everyone that your reputation matters than a customized nameplate? Among our catalog of everything A to Z of office supplies—GOS really does sell all the supplies you could conceivably want—of course we carry nameplates for your desk. We’re particularly fond of this classic bronze plate in a black designer frame, which, once again, accentuates the earth element. 

3. Love and Relationships

Feng shui-ers will want those looking for love (in either the right or wrong places) to put a single flower here; for those in love, they will suggest that you place a picture or your beloved here. But what is love? (Haddaway asked the question long ago, but he still hasn’t received an adequate reply.) For some of us, love is a quality report printed on premium multipurpose copy paper. To which some of you reading this article might say: hey, is this just a way for GOS to mention the fact that they sell all kinds of superior copy paper that can be delivered directly to your doorstep? To which, we’ll answer thusly.

4. Family

Right about now, you’ll likely start to appreciate our recommendation that you swap out that picture of your mister or missus with a ream of premium copy paper because the fourth station on your desk is going to be a family photo. (No one needs two photos on their desk.) We all have families, just like we all have thumbs. The point is: we know it’s a cliche desktop feature, but throw that picture of little Johnny playing T-ball or the family relaxing at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort into one of the frames you order from our website, and you’ll be doing your due diligence as a parent. No kids, no problems—literally. Just add a picture of Mom and Pops in our Solid Wood Picture Frame and you’ll be set to go. Wood, by the way, is the element associated with creativity.

5. Health

Some feng shui-ers will suggest that you keep the health section of your desk free from any clutter or debris. Apparently, free space attracts good healthy energy. But do you know what also promotes health? Not catching Karen’s cold, that’s what. GOS is the go-to provider of hand sanitizer: we have hand sanitizer stands, mounted hand sanitizer dispensers, and everything in between. So, even though this is not strictly an office supply suggestion per se, stick that bottle of Purell you order through our website smack dab in the health station of your feng shuied desk. Water is the element linked to inspiration, so be inspired not to become sick.

6. Creativity

From glitter glue pens that embellish your projects with sparkle to our stylish notebooks, our office supplies will send your creative spark into overdrive. Need to bring fresh energy and passion to project with the element of fire? The bold, red letters on our aforementioned notebook should do the trick. Require the focus associated with the element of metal? Check out our Impact Bold Gel Pens in Marvellous Metallics! GOS has so many desk supplies for the creative station on your feng shuied desk that you won’t even know where to start.


7. Career

The idea here is to keep the front of your desk mostly free and clear from clutter, but add Post-It notes with inspirational quotes. Feel free to use aqua-blue sticky notes to capture all of that inspirational energy. Our favorite inspirational quote: “If you could believe in Santa Claus for 8 years, you can believe in yourself for at least 5 minutes.”

Final Thoughts

As you can see, while there are some general principles in devising a feng shui workplace, it’s all about what works for you. Nonetheless, GOS is always here to help you create the best, most peaceful desk with the best office supplies in the biz.     

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