The Best Promotional Products for Clients

Why do businesses offer promotional products for customers and clients? Promotional products offer a cost effective way for businesses to market themselves to potential customers and retain current clients.

When you buy promotional products from GOS, we can affix your company’s name and logo to the items. Small businesses use promotional products to market themselves locally. 

“Hey, where did you find that awesome hammer?” Potential customer of Jimmy’s Hardware and Fish Emporium asks.

“Look at the handle,” says his friend. “Jimmy’s Hardware and Fish Emporium. Shop there for all your hammer and Betta Fish needs.”

While small businesses use promotional products for their marketing because they are cost effective and work well in driving up interest in their business, major brands use them as well. Just look at these awesome white slides from the Pepsi Company.

Did you want to rock out on the beach this summer with the Pepsi logo displayed prominently across the tops of your brand new slides.

Well, the good folks at Pepsi have you covered—as long as you live in Vietnam. (Sorry American customers, but this sweet footwear will only be available in Vietnam for a limited time. Too limited for you to book a flight to Vietnam.)

The point is that promotional products are a great marketing tool: small businesses and major brands both use them.

Quick Facts About Promotional Products for Customer Marketing

When you’re using promotional products to market to potential customers and clients, you want to know that you’re not wasting your money.

Here are some quick stats that speak to the wisdom of using promotional products as part of your marketing efforts:

  • 8 out of 10 Americans have promotional products they use on a regular basis
  • 6 out of 10 Americans keep these promotional products for two years or more
  • 85% of customers do business with a company after receiving a promotional product from them
  • 31% of U.S. consumers carry a promotional tote bag
  • 89% of consumers can recall the business that gave them the free item even after two years
  • 63% of customers will eventually give their promotional product to others 

What this means is that for a one-time expense, you can count on years of free advertising—both for the recipients of your promotional items and their friends.

Promotional items also make for great client appreciation gifts. As long as you don’t plan on hand delivering gift baskets to customers who have decided not to shop with you…

…promotional products are a great marketing tool for any size business.

GOS Featured Promotional Products

While we love all of our promotional products equally, and it saddens us to have to leave our fantastic stainless steel beer koozies off  this list, we’ll be looking at some promotional products that will warm the hearts of even your most reluctant future customers this autumn.

Promotional Stainless Steel Mugs

What’s the best way to up your promotional products marketing game? Give current and future clients something they might actually use. Enter: the promotional stainless steel mug.

GOS has close to a hundred different types of promotional stainless steel and ceramic mugs just waiting for your company logo.

We have stainless steel travel mugs, ceramic mugs, insulated mugs, camping mugs, mugs with instant brand recognition, and mugs that will do your taxes.
Featured here is the Elevation Mug from Otterbox. A promotional stainless steel mug guaranteed to make a splash with customers.

This is a definite treasure for the fall months. Your customers will inevitably be transporting their Otterbox Mug with them to work, to tailgates, or wherever they need a perfectly insulated beverage this autumn.

Promotional Jackets

Have you noticed a nip in the air? When you’re located in South Carolina, where GOS is headquartered, it sometimes seems like that colder weather doesn’t come until we’re well into January.

But the cold air will come, and when it does, what better way to promote your business than a toasty, warm jacket.

GOS promotional jackets, zip-ups, and hoodies come at a variety of price points and in a number of different styles.

The DRI Duck Men’s Horizon Jacket featured here may be a little on the expensive side, but this would make a great gift for your employees who can serve as brand ambassadors for your business.

Main in promotional jacket

We haven’t touched on giving promotional gifts to your employees, but you’ll be surprised to discover how many of them will wear and use branded office swag. Try giving everyone at your office a jacket or a t-shirt. We think you’ll be delightfully surprised when casual Friday rolls around with how many of your employees are more than happy to “promote” your business.

Printed Promotional Tote Bags

This is not exactly a fall item. Folks use tote bags in the autumn; they use them in the summer. They use them when there’s a full moon. The fact is: people love tote bags.

customizable tote bag

And here’s why: tote bags are the greatest invention in the course of human history. We know what you’re thinking: the wheel, fire, electricity, etc. Let’s not diminish any of these accomplishments, but do any of the inventions we just listed help you schlep your stuff to and from the beach?

Wheels are great. We couldn’t drive to the store to buy the stuff we need for our beach trip without them. 

But will wheels or fire protect your books from the rain like our BAGedge Canvas Zippered Book Bag? This is just one of the many tote bags we sell as a promotional product.

With a printed promotional tote bag, you can wow your existing clients and have potential future clients wondering: “Who’s going to help me with the best tote bag for apple picking this season?”

GOS Promotional Products for Every Season

We have focused here on a few of our many promotional products for customers. We have many more items that your future customers will use everyday, such as promotional pens, USB drives, and more.

In fact, we have umbrellas we can brand with your name, AirPods with your company logo affixed to the case—save these for your absolutely best clients ;)—key chains, Bluetooth speakers, backpacks, coolers…the list goes on and on. 

If you’re interested in exploring our vast array of promotional products, please visit our dedicated Promotional Products search page.

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