Office Design Trends Sure To Be Hot in 2016

With the year already underway, we’ve got the list of the hottest office design trends for 2016 and can attest that they are giving companies fresh starts in new spaces, and refreshed changes in existing spaces. If you are redesigning your current office, consider these latest trends in commercial office design and how they can affect your employees and clients.

Hot Desking
There’s a good chance you will know immediately whether or not hot desking is an effective concept for your office. The idea behind hot desking is to provide unassigned seating and shared workspaces. The pros to hot desking are that it fosters a collaborative working environment, efficient use and cost savings of office space and furnishings, and less sedentary workers which, can lead to healthier employees. With desktop computers being replaced by tablets and laptops, assigned desks are easily becoming a thing of the past. Hot desking works well for larger companies that benefit from open collaboration.

Modern Artistic Office Design
In order to woo new employees, and for smaller companies that want to continue to invite clients to their sites, modern, artistic office and reception area designs are on point this year. Not only are companies working hard to woo new employees, but in order to retain existing employees, maintaining an office that is a fun and trendy space to spend 8 hours every day is a great way to keep the edge over competition.

Lounge Areas
Spending working hours in the office is more enjoyable when offices have lounge areas for unwinding and relaxing. This year, more companies are either adding more lounge space or revamping lounge areas to provide even more comfort for their employees. When workers are looking for a quiet place to step away from their desks, or to have a conversation with coworkers, comfort and ambience are key design items. Today’s lounge spaces include comfortable, padded sofa seating with tables for one, and gas fireplaces and ambient lighting are also a part of the latest lounge room trend.

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