The Best Office Supplies from GOS To Make Your Workday More Efficient

No matter which industry you’re in, it seems most of us are in search of a few more hours in our workday so that we could accomplish just a little bit more. But what if reorganizing our workplace could loosen up some of our time so that we’d become more productive through better efficiency in the office?

Whether you’re researching how to become more productive in your home office or you’re a manager in search of the best method to keep employees on task, Greenville Office Supply can help you select the best office supplies for productivity in the workplace. While we can’t add another hour to your day, our abundant selection of office supplies right here in our Greenville, South Carolina home office is sure to make your workday feel accomplished and efficient.

Here’s the Key Office Supplies We Believe Will Boost Efficiency
Organizational Items

Don’t allow yourself or your employees to waste precious work time in search of office supplies. Simply creating an organized work environment with quickly accessible office supplies will prevent employees from wandering the office in search of an office supply product they need to complete tasks. Designate a closet or shelving system to your office supplies, and delegate one individual to restocking. Hint! Greenville Office Supply can make ordering office supplies fun and easy with our e-store full of attractive office items and a quick reorder list with optional automatic delivery. Choose items such as binders, workspace organizers, file folders and storage cabinets to reduce the clutter around the office and prevent wasted time in the workday.

Label Maker

Half the efficiency battle is having the right tools to communicate where office supplies belong in the office. By purchasing a label maker, you can label all of the office supplies and storage areas around the office so that your employees can quickly get what they need. Plus, if your employees get quite a bit of mail on a regular basis, creating an area designated for the mail and labeled for each individual employee will help make your office more efficient and foster an inclusive and nurturing office environment.

Breakroom Supplies

Sometimes adding small treats for employees can go a long way in encouraging them to do their best while they’re in the office. Try a month-long experiment of providing enjoyable breakroom supplies like coffee, drinks and snacks to measure the improvement of employee moral and efficiency around the office. Or if you work from home, create perks for yourself such as a fully-stocked coffee station and healthy snacks within easy reach.


Your employees will spend countless hours a week at their workstation, so don’t overlook how important this can be when it comes to efficiency. Providing your employees with an ergonomic workstation that makes it easy to focus and be productive is critical.

If you are ready to invest in some office supplies that will make your office space more efficient, you don’t have to tackle this project on your own. By partnering with GOS for your company’s office supplies, you’ll gain access to our online store with over 50,000 office supply products.

Simply register for a new account online, set up your delivery or shipping information, and we’ll get your office supplies to you the very next business day.

Or, give us a call today at (800) 277-0208 or send us an email. We can talk you through our experience with the best office supplies for your industry.

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