5 Tips for a Festive Office Christmas Party

Throwing an annual office Christmas party or Thanksgiving party is a great opportunity to boost company morale, recognize employees, ease the day-to-day grind and enjoy some festive Christmas cookies. But between balancing a party budget and employee preferences, planning a company holiday party can be an overwhelming task. Don’t let event planning get the best of you this season. Follow these 5 tips for a successful Christmas party that’s sure to keep your employees in the holiday spirit.

1. Plan ahead!

The holiday season is a busy one and calendars fill up quickly. Try to get your Thanksgiving party or Christmas party planning underway in the late fall. Don’t wait until the last minute to pick a date, order party supplies and arrange a menu. Remember: caterers book up early for this time of year, especially for larger groups. Not sure of the best restaurant for menu options? Ask your colleagues! You never know what hidden gems your colleagues can recommend, and they’ll appreciate that you took their ideas into consideration.

2. Don’t forget the party supplies and party decorations!

You’ve prepped for weeks and everyone is in the holiday spirit – be sure to stock up on the basics before your party begins! Remember to order plenty of Christmas paper plates, napkins, cups, bowls, cutlery, and food trays. Hint: Avoid extra cleanup by selecting premium paper plates that won’t cause spills that come with flimsy paper products. And if the party gets too rowdy, stock up on cleaning products for the party aftermath. Keep your event on-track with these popular GOS Christmas party supplies. We even have eco-friendly supplies to help offset the bags of wrapping paper and bows you’ll be trashing!

3. Create a small planning team.

Planning an office holiday party isn’t for everyone. Seek out a few colleagues who enjoy organizing, are eager to contribute and will generate office enthusiasm for the Christmas party. Creating a team with multiple perspectives makes for a well-thought-out event and lessens the workload for everyone. If you’re having trouble finding help, enlist some office pals to sustain happiness and motivation.

4. Get creative with holiday party decorations, costumes and contests.

holiday office wreath

 It sounds hokey, but who doesn’t appreciate a little goofiness to let off some steam? Get into the spirit of the season with Christmas party decorations, costumes contests, decorating contests for Christmas cookies, and fun holiday games. Keep employees from hiding in corners with some zany activities like holiday charades, a white elephant swap, or an ugly sweater party contest. Consider a wacky holiday theme for the party and ask employees to dress up. (Remember, not everyone celebrates the same holidays, so aim for a theme that will satisfy the masses.) In the weeks leading up to the event, hold a contest for the most creative holiday cubicle and award winners at the party. And if it fits your budget, consider renting a photobooth. Everyone loves walking away with silly pictures – plus, you’ll have great material to share on your company blog or social media accounts! Try a few of these products to set a festive mood.

5. Offer tasty Christmas desserts and multiple food options.

Don’t let your holiday party fall flat with boring food. Think of popular food choices that will keep everyone happy throughout the entire event. You’ll want snacks for early on, a filling meal to curb the alcohol, and treats to round off the fun. If you’re working with a caterer, buffets are generally ideal for larger groups, but plated meals are often more cost effective. If your budget doesn’t allow for catering, consider an office potluck. Let your employees show off their cooking skills while you save a dime or two. You can even up the ante by holding a Christmas contest for the most festive dish or best tasting Christmas cookies. Remember to keep your employees dietary preferences in mind, and be extra careful about offering too much alcohol. Nothing dampens a party faster than a drunken colleague. Here are a few GOS office favorites to get your menu going. 

If you’re planning a Thanksgiving party or Christmas party this holiday season, let GOS help you with the thickest Thanksgiving plates and Christmas plates, the most eco-friendly party supplies, and the most unique corporate Christmas gifts around. Our ordering process is quick and easy and includes free next-day shipping and delivery and price matching. Here’s how to get started ordering party supplies with GOS:

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And that’s it! We’ll help you check this one off your holiday to-do list. Happy Holidays from GOS!

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