GOS Warrior Program

GOS Warrior Program

GOS is honored to be the first and only company in the state of South Carolina to partner directly with the Department of Defense and the Wounded Warrior Program to create the GOS Warrior Program.

This initiative funds the placement and salaries of wounded veterans in meaningful employment positions after they’ve returned home from combat and graduated from the Warrior Transition Battalion.

Because this a free program any company can participate, nation-wide. See our FAQs below and contact us for more information on how your company can join this incredible cause.

If you are a Federal entity and you purchase Ability One products please contact us for information on those programs.


Most frequent questions and answers

The positive, life-changing impact and hope that this program brings to wounded warriors after they return home from combat  is immeasurable. There are no additional fees to participate in the program and do not require participating companies to purchase anything other than they regularly would need to conduct their business. Helping to improve the lives of our nation’s heroes is the main reason companies ask to join.

It’s very easy! Just contact GOS and inform us that your company would like to participate in the program. After we’ve been notified, you will not be required to do anything additional or different, just to continue to purchase your workplace supplies like usual. As more companies opt into the program and more revenue is generate, the more funding is allocated and available to the placement of wounded warriors.

The revenue generated as more businesses participate in the program is funneled goes directly into funding the salaries for and placing wounded warriors in meaningful employment opportunities. There are hundreds of thousands of wounded combat veterans that are currently seeking productive work opportunities after they’ve graduated from the Warrior Transition Battalion and this program has helped to place thousands of veterans in businesses across the country.

Yes! If your company would like to hire a wounded warrior directly, please contact us to let us know so that we can help find the best candidate to fit the role. Not only will your company receive tax breaks for hiring a veteran, but you will be entitled to a free 90-day trial period to ensure the veteran is a good fit for the role and that both the candidate and you are happy with the new work arrangement.

Warriors The Album

The Wounded Warrior Program, headed by Dr. David Godbold and in partnership with the South Carolina Entertainment & Music Hall of Fame are currently producing something very special, Warriors The Album.

This soundtrack was written by and in honor of the men and women of our nation that were injured serving our country abroad. The songs bring to life their stories and experiences, thanks to big names like Tim McGraw and Zack Turner who are also working on the album. We are especially honored to have our very own GOS Vice President, Scott Hart, writing, singing, and playing in one of the upcoming hit songs. All proceeds from album and related merchandise sales will be put back into the Wounded Warrior Program to continue to help employ our nation’s heroes.

Click HERE for more information regarding the latest news with the album and how you can secure your own copy.

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