Mastering Office Feng Shui

Welcome to the world of office Feng Shui – the art of rearranging your workspace to maximize productivity, creativity, and good vibes. 

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese pract…

Making Work Less of a Pain in the Neck With Ergonomic Furniture

We’ve all been there. The clock seems to have slowed to a crawl, and your neck feels like it’s carrying the weight of the world. You’re slumped over your desk, yo…

Office Chair Buying Guide

Choosing the right office chair makes a world of difference for you and your employees. Regardless of whether you’re considering buying new chairs for the office or yourself, whe

Get a GOS Office Makeover from Our Interior Design Specialists

Most Americans spend one third of their lives at work. Now that we have you suitably depressed, here’s the good news: your workplace doesn’t have to be drab and terrible. In fact, it

The Right Office Supplies to Feng Shui Your Desk the GOS Way

Slick modern office desk with a laptop and perfectly organized pencils.

Office Feng Shui

Feng Shui refers to the ancient Chinese practice of using natural energy (“chi”) to harmonize individuals to their environments. Historically, feng shui, whic

Office Furniture to Bring the Team Back Together Safely

Modern office space with conference tables and orange chairs

After a long, strange year, employers are starting to find a new normal for their physical workplaces.  Remote working has been successful, but research shows that executives ex…