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Unique Promotional Products Consumers Are Likely to Use Again & Again

Promotional products can create lasting value for your business. They provide you with an effective means of increasing brand awareness through tactile items consumers can use again and again. From improving your traffic at trade shows to rewarding customers with an extra bonus item, promotional products can help increase brand loyalty. When investing in promotional products for your company, you want to choose items that consumers will find a good use for.

Great Unique Promotional Products to Consider For Your Company 
Power Bank with Rubber Finish

Today’s consumers are always using their smartphones in their day to day lives. With the average American adult spending almost 3 hours on his or her phone daily, cell phone batteries are quick to run low during the day. Offering consumers an on-the-go charger with a USB output and micro USB input is likely to be a clear favorite promotional product of theirs.

Delta (R) Delta-Dri (TM) 30/1’s Performance Short Sleeve Tee

With countless studies showing the importance and benefits of exercise, health and fitness has become an important focus in almost everyone’s lives today. Promoting your brand on an active lifestyle t-shirt that wicks away sweat will help support your consumers’ exercise habits and reach a wider audience by advertising to anyone they interact with at the gym or on a run. The athletic apparel industry continues to grow and prosper, having an extra workout t-shirt in the rotation would be of clear benefit to any fitness enthusiast. Pairing this product with a BPA free, eco-friendly water bottle is never a bad idea as well.

Mega Grocery Shopping Tote Bag

With concerns about climate change and an increased awareness to take better care of the environment, reusable tote bags for shopping for the daily essentials and groceries have become immensely popular. Choosing an extra-strong bag made of recyclable materials will help your company’s tote stand out from competitors and make it become a regular item to be used again and again.

Jumbo Ceramic Mug 14oz

With thousands of Pinterest pins and searches online for mug designs, mugs have become popular with consumers not just for holding their favorite beverages. Consider giving people a larger, cozy ceramic mug with a dishwasher safe laser decorating logo and a comfortable c-handle that puts a unique twist on the classic, beloved coffee mug.

Invest in a Form of Advertising that Continually Increases Your Brand Awareness

When you invest in promotional products that consumers want to use repeatedly, you increase your brand exposure through a form of advertising that continually reaches your audience after a one-time upfront investment. Whether you’re looking for a specific item listed above or any of our other wonderful promotional products, look to GOS. From traditional products to fun items, we can provide your business with any promotional product you desire. Check out all our promotional products and see what works best for you today!

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