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It’s BOGO Day at GOS!

We’ve got a selection of Back To School items that are buy 1, get 1 FREE today only! Check out the photos to see which items qualify! Add the items to your cart and use code: BTSBOGO at checkout to apply promotion. Happy shopping! Shop GOS!... Read More

Back To School

It’s that time again! #BACKTOSCHOOL is almost here and we’ve got a giveaway to kick it off!  Visit GOS Enter To Win for a chance at a FREE $100 GOS gift card for your back to school supplies!... Read More

Neck and Back Pain? Read to Learn The Importance of a High Quality Office Chair

Whether you are working from home or working in an office, there are a few essentials that everyone needs. If you are doing a job that requires any amount of sitting, one of those main essentials would have to be a high quality office chair. At GOS, we have all the essentials and more to ... Read More

The Benefits of a Paper Shredder

While it doesn’t seem like an office essential, you’d be surprised about the benefits. Having a paper shredder in the office (and even at home) can be incredibly useful. Particularly when it comes to getting rid of paper that may contain sensitive information. For instance, bank account numbers or the employee payroll. Someone digging through ... Read More

Can Public Restroom Soap Make You Sick?

It seems like a strange question, considering that after you wash your hands you are suppose to be free of bacteria. Not leave with more bacteria on your hands than when you started. Read more about The Best Practice For Staying Healthy At Work. However, there are certain types of soap and certain dispensers that ... Read More

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in the Office

Everyone at GOS loves celebrating the holidays. It brings our team closer together and engages everyone. We enjoy St. Patrick’s Day because you can be creative and bring out your silly side. Listed below are a few ideas that you might find fun and bring your office to life on St. Patrick’s Day. Decorations Show ... Read More

How to Grow Your Business with Promotional Products

Promotional products are a proven way to market your company by getting your brand out in front of potential customers. Whether it involves putting your logo on promotional materials with professional print services, or making lasting impressions by providing coffee and snack products to your customers and potential customers, using promotional products can grow your ... Read More

Organization Storage – New Year’s Resolution

Okay, look.  Your secret is out and guess what? You aren’t the only one that feels this way. Yes, that’s right. You aren’t alone.  At GOS, we are right there with you, you clean-organizational-label-making addict! That’s right, we see you.  We see you organizing your desk in both numerical and alphabetical order. We see you ... Read More

Stock Up On Office Supplies Before Year End For Additional Tax Savings

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the end of 2016. As a business owner, one of the things to think about as 2016 comes to a close is taxes. As we approach the end of the year it’s a great time to think about any last minute deductions that may help to reduce your ... Read More

GOS Is Extending Our Pink@Work Promotion Through 2016

Don’t be surprised when you see the GOS drivers wearing pink shirts long after October ends! Although Breast Cancer Awareness month was officially last month, we are excited to announce that at Greenville Office Supply we are pushing the pink all the way through the end of 2016! We hope that you will take advantage ... Read More

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