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Organization Storage – New Year’s Resolution

Okay, look.  Your secret is out and guess what? You aren’t the only one that feels this way. Yes, that’s right. You aren’t alone.  At GOS, we are right there with you, you clean-organizational-label-making addict! That’s right, we see you.  We see you organizing your desk in both numerical and alphabetical order. We see you looking over at your neighbor’s desk and cringing at the face that the post it notes aren’t color coded to their subject lines. We see you avoiding the copy machine room because that’s an entire day’s worth of organizing and if you step foot in there for even one piece of paper you will spend the entire day categorizing pencils and tape. We see you and we have come to offer help. Show others in your office or business the light at GOS, offering everything for your office and getting it organized.

Get in there! The time has come that you looked at your fellow employees and told them that something must be done! Make it your office’s New Year’s resolution to gain some organization to your otherwise disorganized work space! Don’t let the copy machine room give you chills anymore – get in there and get to organizing! Here are some tips from Greenville Office Supply to get you and your office started!

Declutter the Space

Does your office need all of the wanted ads up on that cork board? If it’s been over 6 months, it’s doubtful that anyone really “wants” what’s up there anyways. Get rid of and declutter all of the equipment that you don’t need that ends up taking up space. This is the first step in any organizational process. At GOS, we have all the office furnitureoffice supplies, cleaning supplies, disinfectants, and waste cans that can help you get the job done. Did we mention hand sanitizer? Well, we have that too.

Organize the Nitty Gritty

That’s right.  Sort the mail, take out everything in the drawers, turn your office upside down and then put everything back in an organized place. Couple items that belong together. Example, stamps should be with the envelopes, paper clips should be near tacks, notepads should be near pens, etc. Desk organizers are the best way to help separate items in a neat and orderly fashion. Whether you are looking for an organizational tool, or would like more office supplies in general, GOS has got you covered there too.

Label Maker

How much easier is life when it’s organized? If people complain that they don’t know where something belongs then here’s a simple solution: Label it! Label makers are every neat freak’s dream.

With a decluttered space, an organized office, and a labeled place so fellow employees will know where things belong, we are confident that your New Year’s resolution to keep an organized space in the office will be kept!

Everything for your office, GOS has it covered! Get organized and stay organized! Shop online today at GOS or give us a call at 800-277-0208.

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