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Office Upgrades Employees Appreciate Most

It’s holiday season and this time of year, it’s the simple things that make the office run smoothly. The success of your business is almost always in correlation to the attitude of your employees. Aside from all of the holiday party talk, what are some things you can upgrade around your office that your employees will appreciate the most? At GOS, we have everything for your office to take it to the next level.

Keeping It Clean

“Hey, I wish my office was a lot dirtier…” said no one ever! Keeping your office clean has been statistically shown to increase work productivity and create a more focused, professional environment. Everyone can appreciate a clean and tidy workspace! GOS offers cleaning and organizational supplies that will keep your office running and feeling spotless. From cleaning tools to disinfectants, cleaning supplies are a must and are a really easy upgrade for any office.

Comfortable Work Space

Sometimes you can’t change the amount of space you may have, especially in a smaller office setting. So how do you give your employees an upgrade on comfort? Maximize what you can do and upgrade their office furniture. If you ask anyone that works in an office setting, they will tell you that their chair makes all the difference in the world. A small upgrade to a more sensible and ergonomic chair can save you lots of money in short term disability down the road.

Caffeine Me, Please

It’s not hard to see that employees don’t need to be sitting in one spot all day long. Upgrade your break room today and subscribe to GOS’s coffee service. We offer hundreds of coffee products and will take care of everything for you. Our coffee service comes with free use of a commercial brewer, servicing every two weeks, and an exchange of dirty decanters and water filters as needed. Nothing says “thanks for all you do” like a nice cup of joe for an afternoon pick-me-up. Read 6 Ways that Coffee Boosts Your Productivity While Working.

There are so many different ways to provide office upgrades that your employees will genuinely enjoy and appreciate. Our advice to you is to ask them! Let them give you their feedback and then act on some hot ticket items! At GOS, we have everything you could possibly need to turn your office into an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. For more information, contact us today at (800) 277-0208 or email.


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