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Neck and Back Pain? Read to Learn The Importance of a High Quality Office Chair

Whether you are working from home or working in an office, there are a few essentials that everyone needs. If you are doing a job that requires any amount of sitting, one of those main essentials would have to be a high quality office chair. At GOS, we have all the essentials and more to get your office set up just the way you like it. Everything we offer is done with you in mind and that includes our office chairs.

Aches and Pains

For those of us that work in an office setting, at home or at a commercial property, we are at a high risk for chronic pain. Neck pain? Check. Back pain. You betcha! It’s extremely unfortunate that these types of pain happen so frequently. So unfortunate that there are hundreds of studies done to help prevent this type of injury. Now every year, people will offer different suggestions as to how to help prevent these issues. Ergonomics tends to be a hot button discussion. This is one reason why a recent study said standing the entire day was better that sitting down at a desk. Of course, later that was refuted because then people weren’t standing right or putting too much pressure on their lower limbs. So many people come up with these complicated and controversial solutions. Wouldn’t it be equally pertinent to just assume the obvious? Stop purchasing ridiculously uncomfortable chairs! Why on earth would you buy a $10 chair for a spot that you will be sitting in for multiple hours each day! If you are having aches and pains, investing in a quality chair that provides good support can go a long way.

What is a High Quality Chair?

Listen, we know it’s a weird concept for people. No one enjoys spending money on work furniture but when you think about it, isn’t it worth the investment? To get a good chair, you want something that provides proper lumbar and pelvic support. This eases tension in your back, reducing the risk of herniated discs or other back troubles. With this type of support, you’ll also see an increase in better posture and breathing, allowing you to be more relaxed at work and complete the job you were meant to do without having to worry about neck and back pain.

At GOS, we offer high quality office chairs that get the job done. These chairs support your lower back and pelvic area so that you can focus on your job. For more information about GOS and everything that we offer, give us a call today at 800-277-0208.

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