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When you attend a conference or sales meeting you are often given a bag of promotional products at the end of the presentation or event. Are you typically pleased by the range of promotional gifts you receive, or do the majority of them just end up in the trash?

Companies make plenty of common mistakes when they order promotional products to hand out to their clients and their customers. Too often they rely on old standbys such as memory sticks, pens, caps, notepads and coasters. The people receiving such items already probably have enough memory sticks, pens, caps, notepads and coasters already, so what you give them simply ends up in a drawer somewhere, or even worse, in the trash.

No One Enjoys Getting More Stuff for Their Junk Drawer

People seldom enjoy receiving junk, which is why you should ensure that the promotional items that you are giving out are actually things that people want. You could even consider giving them items such as candy – the candy is not going to hang around for long but the memory that they actually got something useful from you will.

You can be even smarter and tailor your items to target a specific group. Say you are holding a sales event for people from all across the country – well, people will have travelled to get to your event, so why not give them something that will help them in their travels, such as luggage straps or toiletry bags? GOS offers a whole host of promotional products that are a bit more creative than your standard pen, or mousepad. A few of our most popular promotional products that are flying off the shelves as we speak include:

You may spend a little more, but the value you get in return will be much better as opposed to giving out items that seem overdone and will likely end up in the trash bin.

Here at GOS We Can Help You With All Your Promotional Needs

Making the right promotional choices can be tough, so our team here at GOS is always available to help. We can help your company purchase the correct promotional items for your company, so you have something memorable to hand out at your next conference or sales event.

You can contact our promotions department at any time. We offer free consultations with our promotional specialists in order for you to get the best advice regarding the key promotional items you may want to consider for any event. We can really help you to shine this summer! Instead of handing out a pack of items that’s destined for the trash bin, we can help you find the perfect item that will help cement your brand identity within your clients’ minds!

Contact us anytime at (800) 277-0208 to learn more about our wide array of promotional products that will be ideal for your growing organization.

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