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How to Stay Active and Productive on the Job?

If your job requires you to spend the majority of your day sitting behind a desk, you may have to be creative about how you stay focused, active, comfortable and productive. Sitting behind a desk for forty or more hours a week leaves you quite sedentary, which is not good for your body or for your overall health. Here are some tips for staying active and productive while on the job:

Schedule Regular Move Breaks

Taking a break from your work and from sitting behind your desk every hour can be extremely beneficial. This can dramatically improve your overall activity level and can also give you more energy when you come back to the task at hand. Take a short, brisk walk around your work area (indoors or outdoors) every 1-2 hours. The walk can be as short as 5-10 minutes and provide significant benefit. And, when you cannot get out of your office to walk, stand up and stretch each and every hour.

Eat Healthy Snacks During the Work Day

You can give your body a boost and prevent weight gain by eating small, healthy snacks during the work day. Bananas, nuts, water and protein bars can help fuel your body and your mind. Most of us also rely on a bit of caffeine to get us through the workday!

Invest In Your Workspace

If your employer is open to helping you be active and healthy, investigate in tools to make this easier. Stand-up desks and treadmill desks are gaining in popularity and can make a big impact on your health and productivity. If not, make sure that your desk chair gives you the support that you need to help prevent lower back pain. Read more about The Importance of a High Quality Office Chair.

Plan Your Work

When you arrive at work each day, take a moment to jot down the tasks that you will complete. This daily guide can help you stay on task and increase your overall productivity level.

Office Supplies that Work for You

GOS has provided customers all over the country with high quality office supplies at an exceptional value. We offer many items including office chairs, stand up desks, and keyboards that will encourage you not to slouch while you work, as well as healthy snacks for your break room, including coffee, waters and more. For more information about our products that can help you stay active and productive on the job, contact us today at 800-277-0208.

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