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How to Grow Your Business with Promotional Products

Promotional products are a proven way to market your company by getting your brand out in front of potential customers. Whether it involves putting your logo on promotional materials with professional print services, or making lasting impressions by providing coffee and snack products to your customers and potential customers, using promotional products can grow your business in several ways.

Brand Recognition

Getting your logo or company name out in front of customers in a way that is repeatedly seen raises recognition and makes it more likely your company will be remembered when the services you provide are required. Almost half the people who receive promotional products can recall the company name months afterwards.

Long Lasting Exposure

Depending on what type of products you use, these promotional products will last and be seen much longer than the typical print or television ad. Especially when considering the longevity, using promotional products is a great return on your investment.

Greater Audience

Those beyond the usual marketing reach usually see promotional products. Unlike other advertising, promotional products are seen by people outside your location and targeted demographics. People you may not have even considered potential customers may see the promotional products and seek out your company.

Builds Reputation and Loyalty

People usually have a good impression of someone who gives something away. People will remember the gesture and often continue to use a company’s service or products because of that goodwill. Giving promotional products as rewards to employees helps build morale, loyalty, and it’s another opportunity to market your company to others.

Be More Profitable

A study conducted by Baylor University stated that companies that used promotional products had 22% more business than those that did not. Bottom line, promotional products help your financial bottom line.

GOS Is Your Go-To Company for Promotional Products

At GOS, we provide everything from whimsical to traditional when it comes to promotional products. Let our products improve your trade show traffic, motivate employees, thank loyal customers, and increase your brand awareness. In business since 1968, we offer over 50,000 general office supplies, cleaning, janitorial, and sanitation products, toner and inkjet cartridges, modern office furniture, as well as our wide selection of promotional products.

For more information on how Greenville Office Supply can grow your business, contact a member of our knowledgeable customer service team by calling 800-277-0208, or our online form.

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