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How to Declutter Your Office and Save Your Sanity

There’s something about having a nice, clean space that brings tranquility. This also often results in an increase in productivity. If you are looking for ways to improve your sanity and declutter your office, let GOS help you declutter your space and improve your work!

Getting Organized

Before you start doing anything with your office, evaluate your space and learn about 5 Office Supplies That’ll Make Your Office Space More Efficient. What makes sense to you? Taking a step back and really brainstorming about your essentials is a great first step for getting organized and creating a good workflow. Organization includes marking things as essential and nonessential. If there is something that is constantly preventing you from getting your work done, or even something you just don’t need, put it in the pile that you plan on evacuating from your space. Now with your remaining items, consider arranging these items that make sense based on the way you work. Having your essentials at your fingertips is a great way to increase your productivity in your current space. Organization with the items that you do have is key!

Take Away the Distractions

Now that you have your essentials at your fingertips, do you really need anything else? Save your sanity and lots of time by reducing items that are actually on your desk. If you think of everything else as a distraction, it really doesn’t make sense to have it within reach. Time is valuable, so keep the distractions to a minimum.


Now that your space is organized and clean, you are ready to get to work. Go a step further and make your office aesthetically and aromatically pleasing. Calming paintings, attractive pictures, and a nice smelling scent has been proven to uplift your mood and give you motivation to get your work done. Improving the look of your office will go a long way for both your sanity and your work!

Contact GOS for Help With Optimizing Your Workspace

Once you take an inventory of your office and what you can get rid of, it may be time to add a few items to ensure you stay organized. At GOS we offer a wide array of office supplies that can ensure you’re able to get as much work done as possible.

Decluttering your office and saving your sanity is a must for any successful business. For more information about decluttering your office or for information about our office supplies, contact GOS today at 800-277-0208.


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