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Creative Ways To Personalize Your Workspace

There are many of us who simply love getting to work every day. Mingling with co-workers and handling customer inquiries. It can be a whole world of fun. Then, there are some who aren’t exactly thrilled. It’s not that they don’t enjoy what they do. They love what they do and they have no issues with co-workers. It isn’t about what is around them, but what is missing.

Sometimes, all you need a little touch of personality to boost your morale around the office. Creating a personalized work space and making your workspace more fun can really lift your head from the slumps and make you excited to go to work every day! It won’t even make a dent in your wallet, either! Let’s look at some affordable office furniture and creative ways to personalize your work space


Nothing says home like lovely photos of those you love. You can add pictures of your children or your pets. You could add your favorite photos, or scenes that simply move your heart and soul. Many opt for funny or inspirational sayings. Any combination will add a dash of you to the office space. You can find magnetic photo frames at GOS. If you have a cubicle, tack a few of your favorite photos up. You can even write cute sayings on the pictures, or add stickers. Be creative with it!

Customize The Basics

In many offices, you will find a stapler with gemstones covering the plastic, or a tape dispenser┬áin different shapes. You could get a set of pens that have unique shapes and colors .These are little touches that can make your office space more enjoyable. You can buy these things online at GOS. There is so much variety, you’re bound to find something that suits your personality!


Another way to make your office space enjoyable is adding colorful organization bins or baskets for your office supplies. Whether these are for filing, holding paperwork, or just holding pencils, they can really improve the look of your space. Many of the holders designed for pens and pencils are even magnetic, so they can hang on the side of your cubicle!

Liven It Up

Many office spaces allow for small plants to be brought into your work space. This can give you something to liven up the area you’re spending so much time in. If you’re not the best with the greens, you can always opt for an artificial plant instead of a living one. This can give you the look and feel of a traditional office plant, without having to worry about the work.


Finally, make sure that all your personalized touches are done in moderation. If you put up too much stuff, you’ll find your space is overly cluttered. This could lend to distracting you from the work you’re supposed to be doing. This might cause your boss to ask you to remove your personalized touches! You also wouldn’t want to overload your co-workers.

You’ll find by customizing your workspace, you’re happier to spend time in the office. Good luck, and have fun with your new designs!

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