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Fall Colors for Your Office

Are you looking to get into the Fall spirit, or just hoping to give your office a splash of color to make it feel a bit warmer? Whatever your reasoning, there are a number of Fall colors that are great for any office environment. Remember, you want your office to be light and inviting as ... Read More

How to Declutter Your Office and Save Your Sanity

There’s something about having a nice, clean space that brings tranquility. This also often results in an increase in productivity. If you are looking for ways to improve your sanity and declutter your office, let GOS help you declutter your space and improve your work! Getting Organized Before you start doing anything with your office, ... Read More

3 Offices Design Hacks That Can Increase Productivity at Work

As a business owner, the productivity of your employees has a direct impact on the success of your company. Just hiring the right people may not be enough to keep them engaged and driven to give it their all everyday for your business. If you are looking for some office design hacks that can increase ... Read More

5 Office Supplies That’ll Make Your Office Space More Efficient

The phrase ‘time is money’ has never been more accurate than it is now. With so much competition in a wide range of commercial industries, making sure that you have an efficient office space is key. If organizations took a look in the mirror, they’d notice that some areas around their offices may not be ... Read More

3 Office Tips to Staying Productive When Working from Home

Working from home can be great for some and troublesome for others. Most would think that having your office right at home would be the perfect setup. This can definitely be the case, but staying productive when working from home can become difficult because of all of the distractions. At GOS, with more than 40 ... Read More

3 Spring Cleaning Tips To Spruce Up Your Office

Ahh spring cleaning, no matter how nice it is outside, you always get the itch to clean indoors. If you are performing any sort of spring cleaning in your office this year, let GOS give you tips on how to spruce things up a bit! 1 • Throw It Out Look, if you don’t need ... Read More

The New Divider Shaking Up Modern Office Furniture

If you work in an office in the Upstate, you know all about the modular furniture we call “dividers”. They are usually combined to make cubicles, or at the very least, separate workspace. This prevents the workers from accidentally spreading too far onto desks that belong to other people. It also provides privacy, as other ... Read More

Office Design Trends Sure To Be Hot in 2016

With the year already underway, we’ve got the list of the hottest office design trends for 2016 and can attest that they are giving companies fresh starts in new spaces, and refreshed changes in existing spaces. If you are redesigning your current office, consider these latest trends in commercial office design and how they can ... Read More

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