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Can Public Restroom Soap Make You Sick?

It seems like a strange question, considering that after you wash your hands you are suppose to be free of bacteria. Not leave with more bacteria on your hands than when you started. Read more about The Best Practice For Staying Healthy At Work. However, there are certain types of soap and certain dispensers that actually fester the same bacteria. We’re referring to the hand-soap dispensers you might find in public restrooms.

There are many types of soap dispensers, each with their own purpose. Some companies choose specific dispensers for certain features. These dispensers are often the ones that require you to manually push to receive a portion of soap. The dispensers themselves are handled by many people a day, often with low-quality soap that doesn’t do the job that is intended.

The ideal soap dispenser is automatic. This prevents random hands from coming into contact with the soap dispenser. For the user, this means the soap is coming out clean, instead of passing through an area that so many other people have touched. This reduces the risk of catching different bacteria’s. Automatic faucets are a good idea as well, for the same reasons. The less hands have to touch the devices, the better.

Although automatic devices aren’t expensive, many offices and public spaces are still using manual devices. Unfortunately, these can collect a variety of contaminates. These manual devices often end up broken, due to over-use as well. You’ve likely used a public restroom where the soap dispenser wasn’t functioning properly. It may have been broken, barely hanging on. It may have had a build-up of soap around the exterior of the dispenser. These are common issues that are frequently overlooked.

Unfortunately, many people judge a company based on the facilities in the restrooms. If a company is lacking on restroom maintenance, it leads to questions about how they value their tenants and employees. It’s important to have a clean and presentable restroom.

Your public restroom deserves a best-in-class hand hygiene solution. Contact our team at Greenville Office Supply to upgrade to a GOJO soap dispenser that reduces complaints and enhances employee and tenant satisfaction. Communicate a higher standard of cleanliness today!

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