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6 Ways that Coffee Boosts Your Productivity While Working

Sipping on some coffee throughout your work day in the office is one the best simple strategies you can implement to increase your productivity at work. There are numerous well-studied benefits of coffee and the positive effects of a little caffeine.

The 6 Ways Coffee Boosts Your Productivity while Working
Increases Energy

The caffeine in coffee blocks receptors in your brain called adenosine which is a compound responsible for drowsiness. Research has shown that coffee can increase energy metabolism throughout your brain and add to the amount of energy readily available in your body.

Enhances Focus and Attention

Studies have shown that just one cup of coffee can increase employees’ focus and attention. Maintaining clear focused attention throughout a long work day is not always easy, but selective and sustained attention could be easily increased with a cup of joe.

Protects Your Brain and Enhances Your Ability to Handle Stress

Coffee contains numerous beneficial compounds that actually are potent anti-inflammatory agents that neurologically protect your body from cellular damage and oxidative stress. The oils in coffee help support a healthily functioning brain and can mitigate the effects of stress on the body encountered during a hectic day.

Improves Motor Function

Typing away on a keyboard can be supported in going longer with less mistakes through the consistent weekly consumption of coffee. Research has shown that in fact coffee increases motor function, which typically declines as we age.

May Lead to Increases in Creativity

Evidence suggests that coffee can inspire us to make unique connections in our brain we might not have been able to make otherwise. Coffee increases sociability which is excellent for team projects to help keep the ideas flowing of what actions should be taken next.

Supports Faster Learning

Training a new employee or learning a new skill can result in large costs to a business. What if there was a simple way to cut down on the learning curve? Well, coffee may perhaps be the answer. Coffee has been shown to improve short-term memory and identify words & patterns more quickly. It increases your chances of remembering something after learning it the first time and increases your ability to solve logic-based problems.

For Your Corporate Coffee Needs, Look to GOS

Providing coffee to your employees at work is a smart idea to help keep everyone productive. At GOS, we provide companies with hundreds of coffee and breakroom products to help keep your employees working happily. We believe in the benefits of coffee so much so that we even offer an office coffee service with our very own in-house beverage team. From Keurig systems to commercial brewers, GOS can meet your office needs with a wide array of premium coffee brands and options.

Check out our coffee & breakroom catalog and feel free to contact our breakroom & coffee service division to learn more about the cost-effective solutions available to your business.

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