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5 Simple, Effective Ways to Increase Employee Morale

Increasing employee morale is one the best ways you can improve your company’s productivity metrics day after day. Research has shown that happy employees are 12% more productive, while dissatisfied workers can be incredibly costly. Boosting employee morale doesn’t mean you need to dedicate large amounts of your company budget to this cause. Increasing employee morale can be effectively accomplished through small, yet meaningful actions compounded over time.

Celebrate Individual’s Accomplishments

Everyone appreciates receiving recognition for their hard work and efforts day in and day out. Meaningful contributions to the bottom line come not just from c-level executives, but from all levels of workers within your organization. The success of your organization rests upon each worker doing his or her part in your company. Celebrate hard working members on your team by praising them at staff meetings or writing them some notes of appreciation. You could also give out a small monthly or quarterly reward such as movie tickets to those you notice putting in that extra effort.

Foster Open Conversations with All Tiers of Employees

When employees at all levels are encouraged to come and share their unique ideas and insights, innovation happens. While not every idea and thought shared will result in a tangible outcome, knowing that upper management is actively listening empowers and motivates employees on all levels. You can foster open conversations with workers by engaging in ‘management by walking around’ and have open door hours on a regular basis.

Support Charitable Causes

Giving employees the opportunity to volunteer a few hours throughout the quarter, while still being compensated their normal rate, can boost team morale, improve co-worker relationships, and result in some positive contributions to your local community. Let your team choose the volunteer initiative and take a half-day one Friday to spend helping the community. Your employees will feel more fulfilled, and you might even gather some positive PR for your organization.

Offer Flexible Hours Occasionally

The number of employees working from home has been significantly on the rise in recent years. Some workers are now entirely remote, while many are only occasionally working from home when the need arises. Some studies have even shown that employees who work from home are more productive than those who are always in the office. Offering occasional work-from-home benefits can show your employees that you both trust them and support having a good work-life balance.

Show How Much You Care

The little things in life are important. Recognizing individuals’ birthdays, giving gifts for weddings, and sending cards to those who are sick can help show just how much you care. Letting your workers know you care for them as people is always important.

Empower Your Employees and Ensure They Have All the Tools They Need to Succeed

At GOS, we understand how crucial it is to always be working to improve employee morale and company culture. We personally know the difference happy employees can make within your organization. With over 50 years-experience servicing customers throughout the country, our team has allowed us to emerge as a leading supplier of office and business supplies. Our customer service and exceptional value separates us from the competition. To ensure that your employees have all the tools they need to succeed, browse our online catalog of office supplies today.

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