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4 Tips For Keeping Your Employees More Motivated When Working

Keeping your employees more motivated while working helps support better productivity, and can also reduce employee turnover rates by as much as 53% according to some studies. We all go through periods in which motivation is harder to come by; it’s human nature. However, having the right systems in place within your organization can help support better motivation consistently day in and day out for both yourself and all your staff.

Encourage Individuality and Welcome Fresh Ideas

Everyone wants to feel that their voice is heard within a company. Supporting new ideas does exactly that; it empowers employees to take innovative ideas and run with them to help grow the company as a whole. Allowing individuals to express themselves and their viewpoints supports a diverse, dynamic, creative, motivating, and open workplace culture.

Empower Every Employee

No matter what role an employee has within a company, each person can make a difference and meaningful contribution. Empowering individuals creates a sense of ownership of one’s work which leads to a motivation to exceed expectations day in and day out.

Support Personal and Professional Development

Supporting employees in learning new skills is one of the most important ways businesses can add value to the lives of their workers. As technology rapidly advances and the pace of doing business changes, encouraging workers to learn new skills helps increase one’s sense of self-fulfillment and supports individuals’ growth. Allow workers to set aside some time each week to learn new skills related to their craft. It will better their technical job skills and create a happier workforce overall. 

Create a More Pleasant Work Atmosphere

Dull, lifeless workplaces are a thing of the past for modern, successful businesses. Employees simply work better when the office environment is much more pleasant to be in. Aesthetically appealing, well-lit, up-to-date offices matter. They are an investment in your people. Make sure your equipment is current, so slow software doesn’t frustrate your employees and slow down the pace of work. Provide comfortable office furniture in your breakroom and consider offering snacks and beverages as well. A survey by Seamless has found that employees do truly value food-based perks in the office. 57% of workers survey said that snacks in the office helped them feel more appreciate and valued. Plus, it prevents people from feeling hungry and losing focus in-between meals.

Ensure that Your Employees Have Everything They Need to Succeed with GOS

To help create a more pleasing workplace environment, work with GOS to meet all your office supply and coffee-breakroom needs. We have been committed to growing local businesses in the Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Greenwood and Asheville areas for nearly 50 years. Our business has grown to servicing businesses throughout the country, and our customer service can’t be beat. If you have any questions about what office solutions are right for you, reach out to us today at 800-277-0208.

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